/ / Recipe Burito with chicken and bell pepper

Recipe Burito with chicken and bell pepper

  • Chicken breasts - 2 pieces
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper - - To taste
  • Lime - 3 pieces (juice)
  • Red bell peppers - 2 pieces
  • Green bell peppers - 2 pieces
  • Onion - 1 piece
  • Tortillas for burito - 4 pieces
  • Chili - 1 piece (minced meat)
  • Romaine lettuce - 2 Cups
  • Cheese - 60 Grams
  • Cilantro - 1/4 Cups
  • Tomato - 2 pieces

Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Put in shallow dishes and pour 2/3 of lime juice. Leave to stand for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, chop the peppers and onions. Preheat the grill to medium temperature. Get the chicken out of the juice. Fry the chicken on the grill for 5 minutes on each side. Put on the cutting board and allow to cool. Meanwhile, fry the cakes on the grill, often turning over, about 1 minute. Chop the chicken into thin strips. Put the flat cakes on a clean surface. Put on the cakes from the edge to the middle an equal amount of each ingredient. Pour the remaining lime juice. Close the flat cakes, lay out with a seam down and serve.

Servings: 4

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