/ / Recipe for condensed milk in a multivark

The recipe for condensed milk in a multivark

  • Milk - 1 Glass
  • Dry milk - 1 glass (Substitute of dry milk does not fit. It must be "milk powder")
  • Sugar - 1 glass

So, I bring to your attention the recipeCooking condensed milk in the multivark. The recipe is extremely simple, but condensed milk is obtained - the highest grade. It can be eaten just like a dessert, you can use it in baking, you can serve it with pancakes ... I think it will not disappear, you will find an application :) So, how to prepare condensed milk in a multivarquet: 1. Mix milk, sugar and milk powder into a homogeneous mass. 2. We pour all this into the bowl of the multivark. Close the lid. 3. Select the "Quenching" mode, the time is 1 hour. During the preparation of condensed milk should be stirred periodically. 4. If you wish, you can cook "Boiled condensed milk", for this you need to double the time. 5. Pour the condensed milk into another container. Cool it down so it thickens. Your condensed milk is ready. Bon Appetit! 6. Serve tea on the table and enjoy this wonderful home-made sweetness. Good luck! ;)

Servings: 4

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