/ / Recipe The cocktail "Sambuca"

Recipe Cocktail "Sambuca"

  • Liqueur of Sambuca - 50 milliliters
  • Coffee Beans - 1 Piece

1. Fold the napkin several times and insert a short tube into it so that its end protrudes slightly outward. Leave a napkin with a tube on the table. Pour Sambuca into a cognac glass. Wineglass set on a glass of old feshen. 2. In the same position, we begin to rotate the glass. Sambuca distributed a thin layer on the inner surface of the glass. And therefore, the combustible components will begin to evaporate intensely. We light a match and gently ignite the vapors inside the cognac glass. 3. We continue to twist the sambuca in a glass for another 10 seconds and gently pour the burning fire into the glass of the old feshen. The hand is lifted from the glass, thereby stretching the flame. 4. Cover the glass with a cognac glass. Then the flame will go out. Now the brandy glass can be removed from the glass and covered with a tube, which is kept on a napkin. Sambuc is drunk with a volley. Without exhaling, remove the cognac glass from the tube, and inhale air through the tube. The Sambuca cocktail is bitten with a coffee bean.

Servings: 1

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