/ Recipe Pumpkin and orange pancakes

Recipe Pumpkin and orange pancakes

Golden pancakes To say that pancakes are successful -Do not say anything! Incredible, sunny, golden, appetizing color, rich inviting scent, plump, tasty pancakes with pumpkin puree and orange peel - very tasty, especially for breakfast of the day off! Pumpkin taste is almost not audible, it gives the structure and color. For the preparation of pancakes, prepare the Pumpkin puree in advance, then their cooking time will be reduced to a minimum. And serve pumpkin-orange pancakes with orange jam.

  • Pumpkin puree 6 tbsp. L.
  • Eggs chicken 2 pcs.
  • Milk 350 ml
  • Wheat flour 9 tbsp. L.
  • Soda 0.5 tsp.
  • Salt 1 pinch
  • Orange 1 pc.
  • Sugar 3 tbsp. L.
  • Sunflower refined oil 4 tbsp. L.
  • Step 1 For the preparation of pumpkin-orange pancakes we need pumpkin puree, wheat flour, orange, chicken eggs, sugar, milk, soda, salt, sunflower refined oil.
  • Step 2 We drive the eggs into a bowl, pour in the sugar. Intensively beat whisk.
  • Step 3 Add the pumpkin puree. Stirring.
  • Step 4 We get such an orange (depending on the pumpkin variety, and accordingly the color of the pumpkin puree) mixture.
  • Step 5 Add a pinch of salt, orange peel, soda.
  • Step 6 Stir and pour in the flour.
  • Step 7 Mix the homogeneous dough.
  • Step 8 Introduce the milk, kneading the dough to a pancake consistency.
  • Step 9 We pour in sunflower refined oil. Once again, mix the whisk.
  • Step 10 This is the dough we will get - not dense, but not liquid.
  • Step 11 Now on medium fire roast pancakes. Pour into the frying pan a little less than the ladle dough, when the pancake is completely covered with bubbles - turn over and cook until ready on the other side.
  • Step 12 Total I got 13 pancakes - I will repeat, tasty, fragrant, just perfect! Serve for a dessert with jam, condensed milk, ice cream or simply sprinkled with powdered sugar!
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