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Recipe for Pizza

Cheerful pizza If you cook pizza in the formHeart, it is sure to draw the children's attention, so let's make it for them! In the filling of such pizza should not be mushrooms, hot sauce, salami and other meat products, which you do not feed your child, it is better to use mozzarella and a little parmesan cheese. Be sure - the kids will appreciate your efforts and will ask you to cook this pizza many more times.

  • Wheat flour 2 tbsp.
  • Water 90 ml
  • Eggs chicken 1 pc.
  • Yeast, dry 11 g
  • Sour cream 1 tbsp. L.
  • Margarine 50g
  • Salt 1 pinch
  • Sugar 1 tsp.
  • A mixture of Italian herbs 1 tsp.
  • Mozzarella cheese 40 g
  • Cherry tomatoes 50g
  • Sweet pepper 30 g
  • Black olives 20 g
  • Parmesan cheese 50g
  • Parsley fresh 5 g
  • Sauce tomato 30 g
  • Step 1 For the test you need: flour, water, egg, yeast, margarine, sour cream, salt, sugar and a mixture of Italian herbs.
  • Step 2 Dissolve yeast with sugar in warm water.
  • Step 3 Flour, egg, salt, margarine, sour cream and Italian herbs, combine with the dissolved yeast and hands to mix the dough.
  • Step 4 Cover the dough with a towel while you are engaging in the filling.
  • Step 5 After 30 minutes, the dough will increase in volume.
  • Step 6 For the filling you will need: mozzarella, parmesan, sweet pepper, olives, cherry tomatoes, parsley and baby ketchup.
  • Step 7 Cut the cherry tomatoes and cheese balls in half.
  • Step 8 Cut the pepper into rings and slices, cut the olives into rings, and grate the parmesan on a fine grater.
  • Step 9 From the dough, roll the cake, the size of the "heart" shape (it should be 3 small).
  • Step 10 In the oiled form, distribute the dough.
  • Step 11 Spread it with pre-cooked baby ketchup or tomato paste.
  • Step 12 Spread the filling.
  • Step 13 Sprinkle the top with grated cheese and greens. Send pizza to the oven for 20 minutes at 220 ° C.
  • Step 14 Cool and transfer to a plate.
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