/ Recipe Cheese sticks in batter

Recipe Cheese sticks in batter

Tips for making cheese sticks in batter VCooking this dish there are some difficulties! This is due to the fact that the dairy, in which we damp the cheese, needs to be fried in sunflower oil, and the cheese, in turn, melts at high temperatures to such an extent that it can simply flow out of the shell created by the batter. For this, so that it does not happen, you need to pour in a skillet so much sunflower oil, which could completely cover the cheese sticks. Of course, it is better to use a fryer for this purpose, but not everyone has it. Therefore, if you do not have deep-frying and work with boiling oil, try first to fry only one cheese-stick, and do not try to do it all at once!

  • Cheese hard 500 g
  • Wheat Flour 200 g
  • Water 50 ml
  • Eggs chicken 2 pcs.
  • Sunflower refined oil 250 ml
  • Breadcrumbs 100 g
  • Step 1 The main ingredients: cheese, flour, eggs, sunflower oil, water and breadcrumbs.
  • Step 2 We cut cheese in the form of rods 10-12 cm long and 1 cm thick.
  • Step 3 Mix and beat the flour, water and eggs to make a thick mixture.
  • Step 4 Dip cheese sticks into the batter, then into breadcrumbs, and then put them into a frying pan with boiling oil. You need to fry for 1-2 minutes.
  • Step 5 Cheese sticks ready.
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