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Recipe Roses from radishes


    1. So, in fact, there are no special difficulties here. My radish, clean off the roots. 2. We take sharp sharpened knife. Rediske cut the sides evenly, so that it turns out to be slightly approximate to the square and stable, but do not overdo it :) 3. Now we make cuts along the bottom edge of the radish, directing the knife from top to bottom - this is how we get the lower petals. 4. Now remove the scraps, and now they can safely throw in the salad - we will not need them any more :) 5. It should turn out to be such a miracle 6. Further everything is simple - you need to cut and remove the excess, and so on the circle from the bottom up. 7. As you reach the upper petals, just gently make small incisions from the top down, as shown in the photo. 8. Here is such a rose you should get. Immediately place it in cold water, and send it to the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes. Voilà! We get out of the water, lightly dry, - and you can serve! Our roses from radishes in the home are ready! You can decorate them with salads, side dishes, and even soups :) And the easiest way is to serve as a snack. Good luck!

    Servings: 5

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