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Recipe Oily-Egg Cream

Cream for cakes This cream is great forLayers of cakes and pastries, stuffing eclairs! It does not flow, it keeps the shape well, so it can also be used for decorating cakes and desserts, tinting with food colors and adding flavorings to taste. The oil-and-egg cream has a gentle, airy oil texture, it is pleasant to work with a confectionery bag (through any of the nozzles a neat, beautiful cream pattern leaves), is pliable and, no less important, very tasty. This amount of cream enough for a large cake of 7-8 layers.

  • Eggs of chicken 7 pcs.
  • Butter 500 g
  • Sugar 360g
  • Citric acid 0.2 tsp.
  • Vanilla powder 1 g
  • Step 1 To prepare an oil-egg creamYou need such products: fresh homemade chicken eggs, butter, sugar, citric acid and vanilla powder (or even better vanilla pod!).
  • Step 2 Separate yolks from proteins and whisk them thoroughly with a mixer for a long time. The yolks must be much pale.
  • Step 3 Separately whisk the proteins with a mixer until firm peaks. At the end of whipping, we add to the proteins citric acid - so they will get better! Mixer beads must be clean and dry!
  • Step 4 Simultaneously with whipping the proteinsMelt butter in a microwave oven until it is soft (or on a water bath). The oil should become very, very soft, bleed the edges, but it should not completely melt! Do not stop whipping the proteins, we introduce in them gradually butter!
  • Step 5 Continue to beat the whites and oil, and add sugar and vanilla (or seeds of half a vanilla pod).
  • Step 6 When the sugar is introduced into the cream - infuse also gradually, without stopping to beat, whipped previously yolks.
  • Step 7 The yolks were injected, the cream became soft, oily andHomogeneous. Now put it for 20-30 minutes in the refrigerator and you can use it! In the finished cream may come across the crystals of sugar, but during his "stasis" in the refrigerator and impregnation of any product, it completely dissolves and absolutely not felt "in the teeth"! And one more thing - even the fact that I had to interrupt the process of photographing, the cream turned out to be perfect, but it's better not to stop during the entire whipping process!
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