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Courgettes with mushrooms

  • Squash - 2 pieces
  • Mushrooms - 250 Grams
  • Onions - 1 Piece
  • Tomatoes - 3 Pieces
  • Olive oil, salt, pepper - - To taste
  • Cheese - 100 Grams

We take zucchini. Well them mine, we remove from them a peel and we cut off from two parties. Zucchini cut the horrible and take out all the insides. It turns out that these boats. Mushrooms are well washed (mushrooms can be any) and cut as you like. Finely cut the onions. Also finely chop the tomato. In order to prepare the filling, you need to put onion on a heated frying pan, fry it to transparency, then add mushrooms, fry, then put out a little and add tomatoes in the end and also put out a little. Just do not get carried away with fries. Then cook the stuffing on the booths of courgettes. And we send the vegetable marrow to the oven preheated to 200 degrees for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, the cheese is cut into plates. After 20 minutes we cover the courgettes with cheese and send it back to the oven for another 10-25 minutes. Done!

Servings: 8-10

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