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Simple dishes from potatoes: recipes

Nutritious qualities of potatoes are undeniable. For example, he is a record holder for the content of potassium among food products. There are a lot of vitamin C. vitamins of the B group of amino acids and carbohydrates. Thanks to these qualities and, of course, to your taste, potatoes are used in cooking even for the youngest children - starting from the age of six months. Here are some delicacies we can treat our kids. Simple dishes of potatoes, the recipes of which we tell you - the most delicious!</ P>


Take for the dish:

♦ 400 g of potatoes

♦ 400 grams of cottage cheese

♦ 50 g of butter

♦ 300 g of vegetable oil

♦ 1 egg

♦ 200 g of sour cream

♦ 2 table. Spoons of ground breadcrumbs

♦ salt - to taste

♦ green parsley

♦ leaves of green salad

♦ 50 g of sour cream


Boil the potatoes. Rastolkite it and season with butter. Wipe through a strainer cottage cheese, mix with a potato, an egg, greens of parsley. Salt and mix. From the cooked mass, roll small balls, roll them in breadcrumbs, and then fry in hot vegetable oil. Ready pampushki put on lettuce leaves, sprinkle with chopped greens. Serve to the table with sour cream.

Potato Piglets

Take for the dish:

♦ 4 potatoes

♦ 70 g ground beef

♦ 2 eggs

♦ 1/2 carrots

♦ 2 table. Spoons of flour

♦ 1 table. A spoonful of vegetable oil

♦ parsley and dill greens

♦ salt - to taste


Peel the potatoes and boil them. Mince the flesh. Cut the greens, and cook the carrots. Pour the potatoes to the consistency of mashed potatoes, add 1 egg, salt, flour. Make half a mass of small cakes. Put them onion and greens. Blind the remaining weight of cakes and put them on top of minced meat, protect the edges. Spread the cakes on a baking sheet, make a penny and eyes from the carrot. Whisk the egg and oil them flat cakes. Bake in a preheated oven (180 ° C).

Gefilte fish

Take for the dish:

♦ 2-3 crucians of medium size

♦ 300 g of mashed potatoes

♦ 2 onions

♦ 2 table, spoons of flour

♦ salt - to taste

♦ 5 table, spoons of vegetable oil

♦ 50 g of sour cream

♦ green parsley


Fish clean, gut, thoroughly rinse andDesiccate. Onion finely chop. Spread a spoonful of vegetable oil in a frying pan and pat the onion in it. Then mix it with mashed potatoes and salt. Fill the fish with a potato filling and sew the incision with threads.

Zrazy with a secret

Take for the dish:

♦ 100-150 g of beef or veal

♦ 1/2 onions

♦ 1 small clove of garlic

♦ 2-3 leaves of basil

♦ salt - on the tip of a teaspoon

♦ 3-4 potatoes

♦ 1 teaspoon of butter

♦ 2 table. Spoons of breadcrumbs

♦ 1 table. A spoonful of vegetable oil

♦ 1 egg

♦ 1 table. A spoonful of milk


From meat, onions and garlic, prepare forcemeat. Add milk, salt and a teaspoon of breadcrumbs. Mix everything thoroughly and add finely chopped basil leaves. Form from the received weight 3-4 small cutlets, put them to prepare for pair (about 20 minutes). Boil potatoes in salted water until cooked. Grind it, add butter. Divide the resulting mass into 3-4 parts (by the number of cutlets). In the resulting potato paste wrap the cutlets. Whisk the egg. Dip the resulting zrazy, then roll each in the breadcrumbs. Lightly fry in a pan with sunflower or olive oil. 6. It will be very tasty if zrazy slightly pour sour cream.

Delicious pots

Take for the dish:

♦ 800 g of beef

♦ 12-14 potatoes

♦ 2-3 onions

♦ 3 carrots

♦ 3-4 cloves of garlic

♦ 200 g of cheese

♦ 1 glass of sour cream

♦ 6 teaspoons of butter

♦ salt, pepper - to taste

♦ 400-600 ml of water or broth

♦ 1-2 table. Tablespoons vegetable oil


Cut the meat into large cubes. Potatoes - straw. Onion peel and finely chop. Carrots clean, and grate on a large grater. Garlic - chop. On vegetable oil fry the meat (until half cooked). Then separately lightly fry the potatoes, and then onions and carrots. At the bottom of the pots, put the meat, sprinkle a little and pepper. For meat, put onions and carrots and sprinkle them with chopped garlic. Next, put the potatoes, sprinkle a little, pepper and sprinkle with greens. Top with a piece of butter and pour 1/2 cup of broth or water. Sprinkle with grated cheese and pour sour cream. Put in the oven for 50 minutes.

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