/ Recipe Mushrooms and eggs salad

Recipe Mushrooms and eggs salad

  • Champignons canned in own juice - 250 Grams
  • Eggs of chicken - 5 pieces
  • Mayonnaise - - To taste
  • Salt - - To taste
  • Pepper - - To taste
  • Green - - To taste

To open a jar of mushrooms, merge excessliquid. If the mushrooms are whole, then cut into plates. Put the champignons in a frying pan and evaporate excess moisture on a small fire. Eggs beat up one fork, adding salt and pepper, and fry in a large-diameter frying pan. You should get 5 thin omelettes. Cut the omelets into thin strips. Mix mushrooms and straws from omelettes. Add mayonnaise if you need salt, pepper. Ready-made salad can be decorated with greens.

Servings: 4

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