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Choose fashionable clothes with intelligence

There are many reasons to go to a fashion store and upgrade. Especially choosing clothes now is not an issue: stores are full of different kinds of clothes.

The desire and ability to buy something is not the main indicator of good purchases. The main thing is the choice of clothes, the one that will suit you and which will suit you most.

Choose fashionable clothes with the mind you can, but forThe beginning nevertheless it is necessary to understand the reasons for the renovation of the wardrobe. The most common reason for purchases is weight gain or set. Accordingly, your clothing size changes, and things become either small or free. Another common reason is to find out that some things are starting to simply not approach other elements of clothing. This happens for various reasons. Sometimes women buy the first thing in the hand (because it is fashionable or liked for a moment), without thinking about whether it will come in handy in the future. And as practice shows, most such things, bought in a hurry, lie in the far shelf, because women can not find her a pair. In this case, it is recommended to get rid of such clothes, which does not fit the texture, color or size. This or that thing is out of fashion, which often happens. It is also desirable to get rid of "old" clothes.

Getting rid of unnecessary for one reason or anotherThings, you get one big plus: your wardrobe becomes more or less empty and ready to accept a new batch of fashion clothes. But do not forget about the well-known saying: "They learn from mistakes", and that next time you should approach the choice of fashionable clothes with the mind. When choosing clothes, you need to consider the following points: a combination of things with your figure, the color of your hair and skin. Sometimes incorrectly chosen colors or shades can make a person tired or visually add a year and make him older than his age, even if this is not really the case.

It is very important to decide on the style. Open your wardrobe and see what style of clothes there is most prevailing. In what clothes do you feel most comfortable and comfortable? Choosing things of the same style, in the future it will be easier to combine it with other elements. The style of clothing depends most on the character and figure of a person. "Clothing is the simplest means of disclosing a person," as once said, the young, famous actress Sophia Loran.

Choose fashionable clothes with the mind easily. You must learn to listen to yourself, to your inner voice, intuition. Sometimes, by trying on a thing, you can immediately understand whether it suits you or not, no matter what your friend or mother advises. In this case, the solution is one - to buy. There is one more important point, which has already been mentioned above. Never take a quick decision and in any case do not fall for the delighted exclamations of the seller who will exclaim: "Girl, how do you get this dress (blouse, sarafan, skirt)." Do not forget that the main task of the seller is to sell the goods.

Do not forget that fashion clothes are not alwaysIs necessary. The main thing is that it should be functional. Do not pursue fashionable novelties, for stylish tricks, because the notion of "choosing fashionable clothes with the mind" does not mean being fashionable, which means being beautiful. This is very important if you want a chic look.

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