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What does casual clothes mean?

Let's start with the history of its occurrence. Like the style itself, the history of its origin is contradictory. Some consider the homeland of this democratic style to be primitive Britain. Indeed, it was the English youth who began to protest against the established canons or the latest novelties of high fashion. Indulgent negligence, a mixture of styles, a combination of the incongruous - in this and is shown casual. It is the style of active young people who, by their appearance, can show their inner world, express themselves. The second part of connoisseurs in the world of style and fashion attributes the appearance of this style to northern Europe, or rather Scandinavia. It was there in the style of casual dressed simple villagers. But whatever the homeland of this style, its popularity does not diminish, but grows with each passing day.

What does casual clothing mean? Pullovers and jeans, shirts and trousers, sweatshirts and T-shirts, interesting skirts and fancy dresses are the basis of this style. Originally it was just clothes for walking and picnics, now it's everyday city clothes. Democratism of this style is gaining more and more of its fans. The main thing here is freedom and looseness. Freedom of thought, freedom in life, freedom in clothes.

The main thing in the style of kazhual is individuality. Casual style - style without borders, without borders, without rules. You can be stylish without having a lot of money. Unlike other styles, which involve significant financial investment.

Young people all over the world choose this style inClothes not only because the clothes are comfortable and practical. This is a general way of life. Everyday, but diverse life. Clothing is a projection of a way of life. Do not be equal to anyone, adhere to strict limits. Everyone has his own worldview, his own life. Therefore, clothing in the style of kazhual is formed not from the trends of the world fashion, but from individual preferences.

Open any glossy magazine, sign in to anyCampus and you find yourself in the world of casual. No problem when choosing clothes. Do not worry about not correctly picking up the color of the costume, the dress fabric and accessories. Absolute freedom. What you like, then carry it as you like, and wear it.

The only wish is that all clothes must bePore ​​and go for the figure. Do not try to hide the thinness of clothes by several sizes more. You will achieve the opposite effect. Or vice versa, putting things on tight, you will not hide the extra centimeters. Everything should be in moderation. Freedom of expression should not be turned into a protest.

Sometimes the style of casual is called near-footballStyle. After all, at the beginning of its development adherents of it were football fans. And the spectators of football matches, watching the action on TV, began to imitate the guys from the stands. Thus, football fans have become fashionable style legislators. After some time, skinheads turned to this style in clothes. They liked ease, freedom in clothes.

It is because of football hooligans and skinheadsSometimes casual style is perceived negatively. In England, even this style was outlawed. In some public places it is forbidden to appear in clothes with a hood and in baseball caps. But these are just prejudices. After all, this style is gaining momentum more and more. Already, not only young people, but also people of mature age understand it and become its adherents.

Be free. Wear casual.

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