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Main trends in the fashion of the winter season

The current winter season in its focus continues to fall trends. There are six key points. These trends are maintained in all collections of winter clothing. So, let's begin.

The first trend: boots above the knee.

Today's fashionista will not do without this convenientAnd very attractive details of the wardrobe. Treads won not only the fashion podiums, but also the streets of the city. Specialists in the field of fashion and style argue that the fashion for high boots will not leave us in the next two winter seasons. Treads are included in the latest collections of many venerable fashion designers. Prada, Rodarte, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs did not do without high boots. But the boot is different. But the main thing remains. The length should be just above the knee and up to the possibility of the legs. Everyone chooses a material for himself. And leather, and suede, and silk, and polyester, and even vinyl. Last year's ugg boots also lengthened. Uggi-boots with us for a long time.

The second trend: raised shoulders.

The raised shoulders returned. The eighties came back. It's time to get the hammered and stuck hangers and sew them back. Although the modern cut of clothes is more feminine, the style of clothing is more elegant, however, the stiff, raised shoulders take place. This dresses, and blouses, and jackets. Combining things with broad shoulders with casual clothes gives unexpected results. So, for example, wearing a tight jeans with a fashionable jacket, we get a dress for the office or walks around the city. And if you wear the same jacket with a classic pencil skirt, you get a good business suit, which is not a shame to appear at a meeting of any level. Elevated shoulders appeared in the fashion collections of many fashion houses. This is Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana, and Donna Karan.

The third trend: chains.

Chains in this season are extremely popular. Chains everywhere. Necklace, earrings, belts, belts, accessories. Chains are decorated with handbags, buckles, shoes. These can be massive chains or small elegant chains. The material is just about any. Metal, bright plastic, gold, silver. Women-vamp this season will perfectly complement their image with this fashion accessory. This seemingly insignificant detail will simply transform any image, will give it completeness.

The fourth trend: lightning.

Today, lightning is not just a clasp. This is an independent part of the wardrobe. Lightning at the peak of its popularity. One of the main trends in the fashion of the winter season is the presence of lightning on every thing. Without it, there will not be any shoes or bags. Lightning adorns dresses, jackets, pants and skirts. Now lightning is a decorative finish, original and attractive.

The fifth trend: rhinestones.

Do not get lost in the winter greyness. Shine like snow in the sun. Rhinestones and crystals will help you in this. They are appropriate everywhere. Skirts, trousers, dresses, shoes. Everything should shine. Usually this was only evening wear. But this season has suffered radiance and everyday life. The disco style reigns. And not only in clubs. In the office, on the street - everywhere.

The sixth trend: androgyny.

What is it? You ask. Only clothes unisex. Every woman sometimes wants to add brutality to her image. And how to achieve this. Easier than simple. Put on things inherent in the men's wardrobe. This can be a tie, shoes that resemble a man's, jacket or shirt of your second half (if you have not yet got such a half, porosyte in the wardrobe of his father or brother). But do not overdo it. Yet you should not be confused with a man. Remain a woman even in men's clothes.

These are the main trends in the fashion of the winter season. Be fashionable.

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