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How footwear affects human health

Everyone has long known that shoes at highHeel, especially the hairpin adversely affects the health of women who choose such shoes. But not everyone knows that the abrupt change of one type of footwear to another also has a negative impact on health.

In the current summer season, very popularNeat women's slippers. Ladies who prefer high heels are very reluctant to change shoes into ballet flats, but still do it. But doctors would not recommend taking such a reckless step. Many people are sure that the flat sole does not do such great harm to the posture and joints, like the notorious hairpin.

But, as scientists have found, a sharp transition from shoesOn slippers exposes our health to great risk. Doctors say that by doing this we put the body under serious stress, which leads to a serious danger to human health.

Famous physiotherapist Sammy MargoSays in his publications about how dangerous is the transition from sports shoes to shoes to heels and vice versa. So, for example, you always wore sneakers. This shoe is distinguished by a special foot support system and perfectly buffs and distributes the load throughout the foot evenly. And now you jump sharply on shoes with high heels. To this shoe, the leg is not at all used. This stress for the body is equivalent to a moderate injury. The same situation is repeated also with the reverse transition.

Safe at first glance ballet shoes and sandalsNot less dangerous to health. It's no secret that shoes of this type have a very thin sole. And because of this, such shoes practically do not protect the leg from blows and load. Practically with each step we get a bruise of the heel part of the foot. Dr. Mark Onil, colleague Sammy Margo, cites numerous examples when women received stretching of the calcaneal tendon and the muscles of the shins due to the fault of the ballet shoes and sandals.

Even more dangerous are sandals onHeel. This kind of women's footwear does not support the foot when walking and does not provide shock absorption on impact. Therefore often the leg slips in the shoe, and at this time the heel "walks" from side to side. Often lovers of sandals suffer from plantar fasciitis. This disease is characterized by constant pain in the legs.

If it seems to you that the platform is harmless, thenNow you are mistaken. When walking in shoes on the platform, there is no rolling from the heel to the sock, which stimulates the work of many internal organs of man. There is also no reduction and relaxation of the muscles and ligaments that support the arch of the foot. This leads to stagnation of blood circulation and reduces the spring functions of the foot. And all this can lead to arthrosis.

Even shoes without heels can be harmful to health. After all, such shoes do not possess a spring function and are deprived of supination. This leads to flat feet.

You might think that there are no harmless shoes. Maybe so it is. To apply as little harm to health as possible, alternate different types of shoes, change shoes even several times a day. For example, on the street you wear high-heeled shoes, then at the workplace, wear shoes without any heels at all. Do not wear the same pair constantly and do not jump sharply to another type of shoes. Do a special massage and gymnastics for the feet and feet.

The best gymnastics and massage for your legs are barefoot walks on the grass and earth. After all, nature created our foot in order to walk barefoot.

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