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What to celebrate the new year of the fire tiger

Tiger this year is fiery, so topicalThere will be a yellow color. The element of the fire tiger is metal. To arrange this noble beast to yourself, to call on luck this year on your side, you need to cajole the celestial animal. And how to do it? It's right to choose New Year's dishes and New Year's clothes. Particular attention should be paid to color.

Of course, preference should be given to the yellow colorIn clothes. But very appropriate will be orange, gold, white, silver and terracotta. You can, of course, dress up in striped suits, but you should not choose black bands. A complete imitation of the tiger should not be. A combination of white stripes with yellow or golden colors is quite suitable.

If you are going to celebrate the New Year not at home, butSomewhere in a club or restaurant, then a brilliant evening dress for meeting the new year of the fiery tiger will be completely at hand. And the best decoration of your shiny dress will be an unusual, beautiful tattoo. Today it is the most fashionable kind of jewelry that can replace almost any accessory.

It is absolutely undesirable to dress up in a blue,Blue and black. Dressed in these colors, you will scare away luck, anger the fiery tiger. A red color is considered dangerous. But if it is not very much, and if you skillfully dilute it with other favorable colors, then red color can benefit you. For example, a hair clip, a bracelet or red shoes are very appropriate. It is not forbidden to make up with scarlet lipstick and bright red nail polish. To create small red accents is not at all difficult, but the effect is unexpectedly interesting. To call for wealth and abundance, add red gold.

Do not forget about the yellow color. This year he is more important than ever. Yellow is the color of abundance and wealth. But do not forget that yellow is a very insidious color. Therefore, you should choose it carefully, taking into account your skin color, eyes and hair. Do not forget about the features of the figure. And even better, determine your color type of appearance, then any outfit will be easier for you to choose.

Material for clothing choose natural, rich. Silk, wool, fur, leather. The more richer the outfit, the better.

Do not forget about accessories. The accessories of the coming new year should sparkle. If your shoes - shoes, sandals or boots - will be golden in color, then the next year you will "walk on gold." If there is no way to shave gold, then take it in your arms, put it on your shoulders or on the waist. It can be a gold handbag, a belt, a scarf or a shawl.

But all clothing and all accessories must beAre selected tastefully. Noble tiger does not tolerate bad taste and negligence. Be careful, attentive to detail, think through all the details. Do not strive to brighten your brightness and variegated New Year tree. Yes, you need to be bright, but not turn into a clown.

Do not forget how you will meet the New Year, so it andYou will spend. So spend it richly, happily and very fun! Let all the New Year's efforts be pleasant and will not be useless. Let the fiery tiger take care of you all next year, please meet him at the meeting.

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