/ / How to make a topiary from paper with your own hands, master class. Bright topiary made of corrugated paper, photo, video

How to make a topiary from paper with your own hands, master class. Bright topiary made of corrugated paper, photo, video

Necessary materials:

  1. Corrugated color paper: 2-3 rolls per 25 flowers;
  2. Clay stationery;
  3. Silicone glue;
  4. Toothpicks - 25 pcs .;
  5. Scissors;
  6. Satin ribbon: 1 m;
  7. Ruler;
  8. Rattan ball: 7-10 cm in diameter;
  9. A pot for the base;
  10. The wand is Chinese.
Note: The size of the flowers should be proportional to the size of the rattan ball. Such a ball can be made with your own hands using a yarn wrapped in an inflated balloon and carefully smeared with PVA glue.

Topiary from buds of roses - step by step instruction

  1. We prepare all materials for work.

  2. At the first stage, we cut out corrugated paper rectangles 8 cm wide and 5-6 cm long.

    To the note: the direction of folds on the corrugated paper should be along the longer side, then to form the bulge of the petal.

    We fold the petal twice and smoothly cut off the upper corner, the result is reflected in the photo.

  3. Using a toothpick, bend the top or sides of the petal.

  4. A little pull the fingers of the petal, to form a natural bend.

  5. We glue the bottom of the petal with clerical glue.

  6. We wind the finished petal on a toothpick, forming a middle (from the left edge to the right one).

  7. The rest of the petals, similar to item 7, are glued to the toothpick, forming petals.

    Note: for a single flower, 12-15 petals are required.
  8. We take a rattan ball, we begin to fasten flowers on it with the help of silicone glue.

    To the note: First, you need to arrange the flowers on the ball in such a way that the topiary picture becomes visible. If it suits you - can be fixed with a gun with silicone adhesive.
  9. The next step is to form the basis of the topiary. To do this, you can use any pot, bowl or box. Decorate the base with corrugated paper of the same colors as on the ball. A leg can be selected from those materials that are used for fastening. In this case, it was convenient to decorate with a satin ribbon a Chinese wand for sushi.
    Attention: the thickness and strength of the legs should hold the floral ball upright, without bending.
  10. And the most crucial moment is to install the flower ball on the stem. You can attach the topiary silicone glue and decorated with a bow of the same color.

    - view from above,

    - side view.

Our topiary from the buds of roses is ready. Producing independently such scenery, we realize our need to make the world around us better.

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