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Fashion of the twenties of last century

By the early twenties, European countries had alreadyGradually departed from the wartime burden. On the rise was the industry. In all spheres, the achievements of science and technology have been successfully used. Invented Henry Ford conveyor allowed to carry out mass production of clothing and footwear. But the real women of fashion all the same ordered custom tailoring. The most important in the fashion of the twenties of the last century was the fusion of fashion trends in the Old and New World. Now and then they wore clothes of about the same shape.

Who has not heard about emancipation women? And what did they look like? I think that not many people can answer this question. The last century, especially the twenties, is marked by a struggle for the equality of women and men. This struggle led to the fact that femininity was no longer welcomed. The ideal of female beauty was a thin lady, without a hint of any roundness of the figure. The desire for equality with men led to imitation of them in everything. Women polls get rid of long curls, making short haircuts "pages". Lovely ladies refuse the role of housewives, and begin to master purely masculine activities: driving a car, card games, flights on airplanes. The fashion came in general smoking. A long lady's mouthpiece, up to half a meter long, an exquisite ladies' cigarette case with precious stones has become the best gift for women of fashion.

The clothes of the twenties are characterized by two directions: unisex and dansingomania. The first direction - trouser suits, the second - short dresses, like jazz dancers.

To achieve equality with men, womenEurope and America were wearing men's suits. At the peak of popularity - trousers and shirts. And for the release of light, some women chose even a tuxedo. This outfit of a woman of the twenties of the last century was supplemented with a negligently thrown tie and hat. In Russia, women also wore menswear, but this was due to other reasons. In the post-war country, there is a catastrophic lack of good tissue. But in excess of the military uniform. Here are women and were forced to alter the breeches in short skirts, customize tunics and shoe coarse boots. Not infrequently young activists supplemented this outfit with a man's leather jacket and a bright kerchief.

In the fashion of the twenties of last century dressesStraight cut, with asymmetrical hem, sleeveless, with a narrowed waist and a deep, seductive neckline on the back. The silhouette of such dresses emphasized the angularity of the figure and leanness. Thanks to Kate Moss, such dresses returned to us in the nineties of the last century under the name "heroin chic." And not without reason. After all, in the twenties, a pill of opium in a purse was a common occurrence among "golden youth".

Minimal femininity in clothesOffset by make-up. Bright red lipstick, blinded eyes, dark gray or black eye shadow - a real beauty from a silent movie. The twenties significantly reduced the length of the dress. The result was a small black dress by Coco Chanel.

Fashion dictated the choice of fabrics. The designers used velvet, satin and silk. And wrapped several times around the neck, a string of pearls was a must-have accessory. The fashion included fur, now not only as a decoration. Sable or fox skin took its place on the shoulders of women as a fashionable addition to the evening dress. Fashion for short dresses caused an increased demand for silk stockings. But silk stockings not everyone could afford, so no less popular used less expensive synthetic stockings.

In the twenties, the appearance of shoes changed. At the height of popularity were shoes-boats on a small heel. Jazz dancers borrowed eardrums. Shoes were not cheap, so special rubber boots were worn to protect it.

In the twenties, namely in 1925, aroseA new style of fashion - "art deco". In translation from French - decorative art. This happened under the influence of the Exhibition of Contemporary Decorative and Industrial Art held in Paris. This style is characterized by a mixture of different motives. Chinese trends, exotic Egypt, African motifs, to this add a little avant-garde - get the Art Deco style, so popular in the twenties. This style influenced the appearance of elements of decoration in large quantities. In the twenties, many Russian fashion designers emigrated to Europe. And, strangely enough, they gained popularity. Everywhere opened Russian fashion houses. Demand from European women of fashion used lace, painted hats and costume jewelery. The creations of the House of Embroidery "Kitmir" were awarded a gold medal at the above exhibition.

Fashion of the twenties of last century todayCalled retro. But it was this fashion that became the basis of all fashion trends. Costumes, dresses, outfits of that time sometimes seem ridiculous to us, but they have become classics. It was the twenties that gave us a little black dress and Chanel perfume number 5. Only for this we should be grateful to a bygone era.

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