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How to choose clothes for a figure

So, let's get started. If you have too wide shoulders, then it is not recommended to hide the entire body under the clothes, and to add one to a piece of a large size. For example, you can choose a bright ribbon or a prominent ribbon on the dress. But from the wide, long tops and clothes that have lush sleeves will have to be abandoned. Especially if you are used to wearing them in combination with a tight skirt or trousers. Such a manner of clothing only more strongly emphasizes the broad shoulders.

If you have wide hips, it is best to chooseDresses and skirts to the knee. And the hem must be free, so that the contours of the hips are hidden. The neck and chest, on the contrary, should be emphasized by a tight top, this will attract additional attention to the waist.

Full hands can easily be hidden in wide sleeves and thin, translucent tissues. Also suitable are various shawls, shawls, ponchos.

Choose clothes if you have a smallGrowth is also not a problem. A monotonous dress, a tight figure will make you irresistible. The winning element will also be good fabrics (for example, velvet) and ornaments that will draw attention to the head and face.

To hide excess weight, choose dressesSimple cut, which will perfectly smooth out all the minuses of your figure. Particular attention should be paid to the waist line. Such clothes will help make you visually slimmer and taller.

Hide excessive leanness and give your figureFemininity and charm can be with the help of bright colors and some unusual patterns. Free sleeves and, for example, lace or braid at the waist will visually increase the volume. "Sticky" fabrics are best avoided, as they will further emphasize your thin hips.

Correct the upper body can also beWith the right choice of clothes for the figure. For example, holders of a "heavy" bust should choose clothes with a cutout at the top. The optimal option here is a deep, preferably V-shaped cutout. Lace fabric and wide, lush skirts will also help visually reduce the top. But the "sticky" and hard fabrics as well as the overly decorated top on clothes will produce the opposite effect and nothing good will be added to your figure.

Owners of a small chest, too, do not worry. Clothing, the top of which is richly decorated with lace or frills, will visually give your breast an extra volume.

Well, what made it clear that choosing the right clothes for a figure and looking always feminine and elegant is not difficult? Ah yes, to the store for a new wardrobe!

Ksenia Ivanova, Especially for www.allwomens.ru
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