/ How to choose the right bag. Which model of bags to choose. How to choose a travel bag.

How to choose the right bag. Which model of bags to choose. How to choose a travel bag.

What kind of women's handbag to choose: a review of models

Let's start with the size, because he has a large bagvalue. Clutches and reikikuli stars of the cinema screen always cause an envious desire to buy something similar. It should be remembered that in glamorous telecams the women's bag performs a decorative function rather than all the most necessary things are in the hands of assistants and make-up artists. And since the personal assistant is not for every lady on the pocket, the ideal bag should be much larger than a pea. Therefore, choose small clutches exclusively for going to the theater, dating or social events. In this case, do not go to the other extreme. A huge bag, of course, can accommodate everything, but gigantomania has never been elegant, and it's extremely inconvenient to carry a large bag. The best option is to have several models of bags: an elegant clutch, a comfortable working briefcase, a voluminous bag for summer holidays, a feminine reticule for every day, a stylish backpack.

Many women want to have in their wardrobeHandbags of all colors of the rainbow, so that a suitable women's bag is found to any dress, to every pair of shoes. However, practice shows that the ideal women's bag should be neutral color and be combined with all components of the wardrobe. More often these criteria are answered by a bag of black, brown, beige or dark red color.

Each new season is rich with its fashionable details- Ethnic, fringed, straw, ruches, rhinestones, feathers and stuff. Remember, the more unusual details a women's bag combines in itself, the more likely it will become obsolete soon. The property to be relevant for many years has only a classic. In the world of handbags, classicism is what combines fashion trends while retaining restraint in its form and decorative details. An ideal women's bag does not tolerate pretentiousness and loud excessive.

The rules for choosing and buying quality bags

  • Buy a bag in a trusted store. Do not pursue ultra-low prices, which sellers sell market rows and little-known shops. Unjustifiably low prices may conceal counterfeit products of poor quality.
  • Check the quality certificates, warranty card and proprietary packaging. Even in well-known stores cooperating with well-known manufacturers, demand these quality guarantors.
  • Carefully check the material and fittings forPresence of damage. Thoroughly look at the entire bag. Pay attention to the material: are there any mechanical damages, cracks, abrasions, the same color of the product. Check the operation of all lightning, buttons and fasteners. Pay attention to the seams, both external and internal. And do not forget to check the lining. Low-quality material used as a lining is very short-lived, and after a short period of time begins to deform and tear.

How to choose a good travel bag

And now let's talk about travel bags and aboutHow to choose them correctly. First, to choose a travel bag you need to size. Stop your choice on the medium-sized model, which even filled with things will not be difficult to carry in your hands. Secondly, choose a travel bag with a hard bottom, which does not deform. Third, give preference to models with wheels. Pay attention that the wheels are not too small. Remember that the more they are in diameter, the better the patency of the bag itself.

As for the retractable handle, it is good if itWill be metal, not plastic. It is also important that the retractable handle is fixed in the closed position and in the extended position. If the handle is fixed along the entire length in any place, then this is not a reliable option, since such a mechanism quickly fails.

In addition to the sliding handle, there must be several moreHandles. It is good, if there is a handle on the side, as it is very convenient if you need to luggage. For convenience, the handles should not be plastic, but made of cloth.

The material of which the travel bag is made,Must be of high quality and waterproof. Practical models have dark colors - gray or black. On the bag of this color you can not see dirt and dust. But you can choose a bright bag. Especially it will be convenient for those who often have to fly an airplane, since a bag of bright colors is very easy to recognize on the luggage delivery belt.

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