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Harm from high heels

When a girl gets up on high heels, the centerThe weight in her shifts and because of this the pressure on the spine increases. The pressure is wrong, so long walking on heels often leads to a shift in the pelvis and vertebrae, inflammation of the digestive system and pelvic organs, curvature of the spine, osteochondrosis. In addition, when walking on high heels, the point of support changes: you walk almost on your socks. Because of this, the calcaneal tendon is almost not involved in walking and can atrophy, which leads to restriction of the ankle joint movement and muscle deformation.

In addition, high-heeled walking is prettyIs traumatic. Often, lovers of hairpins happen to dislocate legs. The heel will fall into a small pit on the asphalt and dislocated legs - the smallest thing that can happen to you.

But still the human leg is arranged in such a way thatShoes without heels do the same harm as on high. Therefore, the best choice is shoes with a heel 2-5 cm. A small heel will perform the function of the spring, making it easier for your legs to live.

But many women, despite the damage from high heels, it is difficult to give up wearing them.
Therefore, observe some rules that will help you stay healthy.

1) The shoes must have good insoles and insteps.
2) It is not recommended to wear a high heel for more than 2-3 hours a day and 2-3 days a week. It is best to wear shoes in turn on a flat sole, then on a small heel, then on a high.
3) Let your feet rest from high heels: walk around the house barefoot, massage, use a special foot cream.

However, from the long wearing of high heelsThe foot can change the structure, the muscles will work differently, so a sharp transition to shoes with a flat sole can damage your legs. Go to such shoes gradually.

High heels should not be worn by women,Which are predisposed to varicose veins, arthritis and other leg diseases. And also those who work is associated with a long standing on their feet.

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