/ How to choose women's panties?

How to choose women's panties?

So, your choice of women's panties depends onOf what you buy them for. There are panties-tanga, in the form of shorts, thongs, panties with high and low waist, pulling pants. And yet, which panties to choose? This primarily depends on what kind of clothes you wear most often and what kind of underwear you prefer. Here are some tips on how to choose women's panties:

1) Buy underwear only of its size, so that the panties do not pull and do not fall off you.
2) Choose panties in accordance with your figure, so that they correct what is needed.
3) It is necessary that every woman in the wardrobe had pulling panties. They are sure to come in handy once, so let them be at hand.
4) When buying panties made from polyester, make sure that you always have a cotton insert - it is so useful for health.
5) For thin, tight clothes, wear panties without seams - their outlines will not be visible under the fabric. Of course, they are somewhat expensive, but what you will not sacrifice for the sake of beauty!
6) To visually extend your legs, wear panties with high cutouts.
7) Under clothes with a low waist is bestWear the same underwear. Ugly look peeking panties. And if this can not be avoided, put on a fashion thong with a beautiful pattern behind or rhinestones.
8) Under light summer trousers from a thin fabric wear panties of beige color, which is as close as possible to the color of your skin, or a string.

Delicate women's panties, made mostly of thin material, require special delicate care. Some features can be read below:
- Wiping panties in a washing machine, fold them into a special bag and select a delicate washing mode;
- In fact, it will be better if you wash your panties by hand;
- Wash your panties only in warm water, so that they retain their original color and not shed;
- do not dry clothes under direct sunlight, because it can also lose color;
- for drying panties, use only plastic clothespins, since traces of wood remain;

Choose only comfortable for you panties, and the right care will extend their life!

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