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How correctly to dress to full girls?

So, here are some tips for choosing clothes for women of magnificent shapes:

1) The best thing for a full girl to dress inFitted dresses. Naturally, they should not be too tight and they should not have any details accentuating their attention: ryushek, flounces, bows. Also, full girls are advised to avoid dresses with a large colorful pattern.

2) Chubby sweaters and sweaters fromSoft elastic fabrics - they perfectly underline your attractive breasts. You can complement them with a wide leather belt at the waist or put on a jacket without large parts. Full of girls should abandon the huge shoulder pads.

3) visually lengthen, slender and sexy upper body V-neck. However, do not overdo it, otherwise you risk appearing vulgar!

4) Experts advise full girls to dress in strict suits in the masculine style. This will be a non-standard solution.

5) Excellent will help create a beautiful feminine silhouette of a suit in the style of "white top - dark bottom".

6) It is necessary to choose a skirt of the correct length: It is not necessary for the full girls to wear a mini skirt, but treat the skirt of maximum length with care. It can be dressed for girls who have full calves, the rest is best suited skirt to the knee. Perfectly lengthens the shape of the fabric in a vertical strip.

7) Shoes for a full girl fit the classic, on a heel of medium thickness 3-5 cm long. With a hairpin one needs to be careful, buying such shoes based on the individual characteristics of the figure.

Full girls should be avoided:
- thick sack-like sweaters of bright colors, especially from the bunched yarn;
- trousers and jeans, narrowed to the bottom - this will create the appearance of huge hips and abdomen;
- too light colors and large patterns;
- things that are not fit for size. Whether they are large or small to you.

If you have a full figure, magnificent forms, do not consider yourself an outcast, doomed to loneliness! Follow our advice and you will have dozens of fans!

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