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All about women's stockings

Historical moment

Something that could be quite arbitrarily calledThe world's first knitted stockings, found in the Coptic tombs of the 5th century BC. E. Popular stockings were received in the 16th century, under King Henry VIII, who was presented with one pair as a gift. Yes, then we wore stockings mostly men!

However, history does not stand still. Under Elizabeth, the ladies finally took away from the gentlemen the right to wear this now-feminine toilet ware, and for centuries stole garters decorated with precious stones, gold and ribbons.

Stormy twentieth century turned over the history of stockings: In 1938 DuPont introduced the world's first synthetic fiber - nylon. Although they were expensive for those times, but for the "nylon" ladies lined up in kilometer queues, and only in the first year were sold more than sixty million pairs of nylon stockings! By the way, for stockings of that time was characterized by a special seam - "arrow", which modest ladies painted on the back of a bare leg with a pencil to attract male attention ...

In 1959, the lycra appeared, and the world was subdued,True, not for long. The pace of life and pragmatism have taken their toll: sexy stockings were replaced by practical pantyhose. And now, according to statistics, only 20% of women are interested in this subject of the wardrobe. But in vain.

Color of the Crimean sunburn

Our mothers wore stockings "the colors of the Crimean tan""Silver" (a tribute to the first companion) and "Madonna" (with a vertical pattern). Classics of the genre were and are transparent and black stockings, and the reticule - still sexy. Recently, the podium has won colorful, brightly colored legs. Some fashion designers, for example, Alexander McQueen, offer leather stockings, and Vivienne Westwood - woolen.

But stockings are always an ensemble, and a belt is the mostAn important element of this ensemble. Now there is plenty to choose from: designers offer silk, cotton and even leather belts. With six rubber bands - the American standard, with eight or ten - the English standard, with four - the modern European standard. By the way, lace belts are made with only four elastic bands.

For those who do not like belts, cunning designers have come up with an exquisite outfit - stockings on a silicone mount.

The choice is yours

Choosing stockings, remember simple tips:

• Stockings should ideally match with clothing. Black skirts look great with black stockings, but all other variations "in black tones" can spoil the ensemble. Avoid stockings that are much darker than skirts;

• White stockings are combined solely with the uniform of a nurse. Or with a wedding dress. With light and pastel clothes, it is better to wear flesh-colored stockings;

• If you wear casual shoes, then choose matte stockings. And the more elegant the shoes, the more transparent stockings should accompany them;

• If you have a few full legs, avoidModels with a pattern and a mesh - they visually weight the legs. But if you just need some drawing, then stop on the non-geometric pattern, which is arbitrarily repeated;

• Always give preference to famous brands: Charnos, Trasparenze, Philippe Matignon, Charmante, Filodoro, Wolford, Prestige, Azira, Celsius;

• Carefully choose the size! If the stockings are small, they will simply tear on the heel, and there will be no "super-pulling" effect. If the stockings are large, they will start to gather unaesthetic folds and sag;

• Pay attention to the density: stockings from 40 DEN is an element of the wardrobe for the cold season. In the warm season choose stockings with a lower density (5 - 20 DEN).

• Keep track of the composition: the more Lycra, the more expensive and much better. The elastic thread turns the hosiery into a second skin - which is exactly what all women of fashion would like.

Stocking etiquette

The very first and most important: no one should see that you wear stockings. Guess - please, but be firmly sure that it is stockings - never for anything.

For work, choose transparent body or black stockings. And no stockings with drawings, bright, opaque, textured!

To the rank of an absolute male fetish, he raised stockingsFreud. And although he was largely wrong, here, perhaps, the heart prompted him the right way. Nothing so captivates the male eye and does not inflame the imagination, like the female legs in stockings ... But remember - putting this magic on, you get involved in an eternal game that does not end. In the game between a man and a woman.

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