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Complex "gloss"

Be objective.
Women suffering from a complex of gloss, it is useful to understand yourself. Take a sheet of paper, divide it in half and describe all your advantages and disadvantages. The main rule is honesty.
For sure it will turn out that without a model appearance and at the age of slightly over thirty, you have many valuable qualities.
If you think, can long eyelashes be better than good education?
And the ideal figure compensates for health or a sense of humor?
Can long legs be able to replace loved ones, friends that you have?
Or do you think that it is better to have a complex hairstyle at any time of the day than a promising job?
Beauty is a good thing if it is not idealized.

Do not get carried away by digging in yourself.
Trying to find in itself attractive features,It is important not to get carried away and not to overdo it. Even the most written beauties with a long look at themselves in the mirror will see not a few shortcomings, what can we say about us, ordinary women.
Do not seek in yourself what is not: neither bad nor good.
Know that a long look inside itself develops shortsightedness, and to find in itself you can not only treasure.

Do not paste labels.
Do not tell yourself "I'm fat," "I have crooked legs," or "I'm ugly." The body that is given to us is amenable to metamorphosis, if you have a desire.
With the help of proper nutrition and physicalExercise can significantly improve your appearance. Even then, you will be far from a glossy ideal, but the result will satisfy you completely.
Remember, you can change in a person, if not everything, then a lot. So do not take your own judgments and do not get carried away with stamps when talking about yourself.

Do not stand in one place. Aspiring to one ideal, you will get bogged down in the swamp. Fashion is very changeable, and even if you manage to become an exact copy of some beauty from the magazine, what will you do when her face replaces the new one?
Strive for what is closer to you, to something more durable than fashion.
Develop not only externally, but also internally, try to achieve success in everything that you do. This will give you self-confidence, and the desire to be someone, not yourself, will fall away.

Communicate with like-minded people.
You have nothing to do in the company of people whoAre carried away by glossy pictures and do not think of life without following fashion. Change the circle of communication. Believe me, there are many more interesting things in the world than ways to get rid of an extra centimeter in the waist or build up artificial hair.
Communicate with those who are primarily interested in you,But not what you are wearing, how much you weigh or how to make up. If people value you by their spiritual qualities, it will quickly stop hunting to become a different person.

It is important not to give up, trying to get rid ofThe desire to be like cold beauties from glossy magazines. Any attempt to approach such an ideal will only remove you from it, are they worth such efforts?
All people are unique, in that - and charm. If there were some women of the same type in the world - dolls, life would become boring. Yes, and they love completely different women and more often than not for bright makeup, skinny legs or the ability to smile in full screen. Become yourself and become a favorite is much nicer than becoming a clone of the Barbie doll, who haughtily looks at the world from the pages of stupid magazines.
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