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Conquer the height - it's easy!

1) Posture.
Everyone had to see unhappy girls,They perched on their heels, but at the same time they hang over the ground like a question mark. From the outside it does not look attractive. In order that you always keep a proud posture, which does not depend on the height of the heel, you need to train a little. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then sit tightly against the back of the chair. Shoulders should be laid back, legs firmly on the floor, and the spine should be absolutely straight. It is useful to spend 10 - 15 minutes at a level wall or walk around the house with a thick book on your head, trying not to drop it. A month of such training and your posture can only be envied.

2) Increase the height gradually.

If you spent your whole life in sneakers and ballet shoes,Then the worst thing you can do is buy shoes with a heel height of 12 centimeters. Get used to the new need to gradually, even if your first heels will be 5 - 7 cm high, but you are guaranteed not to fall, wearing them.

3) First exit.

Do not start practicing on uneven asphalt. Put on shoes in the office if you are sure that you will be able to work full time. A high heel can be worn if you are going to a club or theater, but they are not suitable for a walk.

4) Take an example.

From models. When you go, mentally draw in front of you a thin straight line and try not to deviate from it. So you will develop a graceful gait from the hip.

Be careful!
A high heel is contraindicated if you have problems with the vessels on your legs. Do not provoke the development of varicose veins, no shoes are worth such sacrifices.
Be attentive on escalators in shopping centers and in the metro - not one dozen beauties have lost their heels on these dangerous paths.
Remember that a long pile of carpets, dense carpet,Slots in the boards on the floor, drains on the roads, slippery tiles and marble pose a serious danger to you. You can get stuck, slip, stumble and break not only the heel, but also the leg. Therefore, be careful when walking on a smooth floor and uneven ground.
It is equally important to buy shoes of your size withConvenient shoe. If the shoes are tight, then you will not last on the heels and the hour. If they are large, there is a high probability that the slipper will slip, and you will fall, that corn or natypes will appear. But even an ideal size does not guarantee comfort. Try to choose shoes from soft leather or material. And do not forget to use the railing - support will not hurt you.

Heeled shoes perfectly complement the eveningOutfit, they make the figure slimmer, legs visually longer. They never go out of fashion, high heels occur year after year in the collections of almost all famous designers. They are suitable for a long dress, for a short skirt, for a strict business suit, and for a frivolous dress. But not everyone can afford a dizzy height. If you have not gained self-confidence and are afraid of falling or breaking a heel, put on the stud shoes only in exceptional cases. Do not put them in an office for the whole day, for a party where you plan to dance a lot or go where you have to move or stand a lot. In the end - the end, many girls wear low-heeled shoes and at the same time look great.
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