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Autumn dresses

To lay or to tighten?

If you can boast a figure, in shapeReminding an hourglass, you should not hide it under shapeless outfits. It is better to impress the imagination of others, dressed in a tight dress with a belt that emphasizes the slender waist. Perhaps, for an office this outfit will be too provocative, but you can be sure - on a date, it will make a splash. Especially if you put on high-heeled shoes.
However, be careful - this dress should not be too short, otherwise you will look excessively lightly.

Actual splendor

If you consider yourself too slim and likeWould look more feminine - there is nothing better than a dress with a lush skirt. For example, this: a monophonic top, a lush checkered skirt (the cage is one of the main trends of the season) and a wide belt. In this outfit, you will look very winning. The style of the upper part of the dress should be chosen depending on the features of the figure and, of course, the autumn weather. It can range from open, strongly decollete and without sleeves, and until completely closed. The main thing - that you were to face!

Country style

Do you like cozy things? Then the maxi dress is what you need. Wearing it, you will not need to think about how to make the right impression on the interlocutor - your dress will say everything for you. Especially relevant this fall will be a maxi-dress in a peasant style - with a lot of frills. It will look very stylish with a long scarf in tone. A great outfit to go to a friendly party or just stroll through the autumn park!

Bright days

For those who prefer to always be in the centerAttention, a bright dress is not a whim, but a necessity. Pink, blue or green - these colors can color even the worst mood! If you have a festive party - put on such a dress. If the weather is cool - it can be combined with tight pantyhose and still topical boots, if the autumn sunshine appears - safely wear open shoes. It's unlikely there will be a man who does not look you up!

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