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Women's business clothes for office

Most likely, a number of exceptions will be made andRegarding the upcoming summer season, especially if the coming summer will be at least half as hot as last year. How in such heat to manage to look simultaneously at business-like strict and not emaciated with high temperatures? How to comply with all the rules of business style and at the same time dress easily and freely?

We are very fortunate that recentlyThe severe laws of the business office dress code are no-no and allow modest indulgences. And if more recently in the office it was not allowed even to unbutton the top button on the shirt and take off the tie, not to mention the unbuttoned jacket, nowadays many managers allow their employees to even shirts with short sleeves and the lack of jackets in the summer.

However, some moments remain unshakable. Even in the most intense heat, it is worth avoiding such things as long and brightly colored nails or, on the contrary, dirty and short broken legs, a huge amount of costume jewelry and ornaments, even if these are extremely expensive products or precious jewelry. Under no circumstances does the office dress code recognize at any time of the year rings in the nose or lips, the use of several pairs of earrings at the same time or too catchy flashy decorations of bright colors, even if such models are offered by an authoritative couturier in their fashion shows.
Even in the most terrible heat, according to the requirementsDress code, you will have to come to the office in pantyhose, since the bare legs are absolutely unacceptable. The office dress code also does not allow open shoes, without backs or with an open toe. It is clear that there is no question of any sandals.

Well, of course, about shorts and beach pantsAlso worth forget before you go on vacation. By the way, there is no need to resent such "draconian" measures, because usually companies that require compliance in their office of this business style of clothes will provide you with an excellent conditioning system and ionizers, so you will not have to suffer especially.

For office work, pay attention to summerDresses - they are completely acceptable, along with costumes, including trousers, from light summer fabric. Just do not buy costumes from easily wrinkled fabrics, because after a few hours of work at work, you will not look too neat. Also it is worth paying attention to the style of the dress, because the open shoulder of the office dress code does not accept.
As for the color palette, thenAdhere to strict colors, such as dark gray, burgundy, green and blue, as well as beige tones. Choose for a summer business wardrobe only natural fabrics: cotton, silk, blends with flax (pure linen is often too flaccid that does not quite fit the business environment). Natural fabrics let air in and allow the body to breathe, especially if you are getting to work in public transport in the heat.

Do not abuse the accessories andAt least because some of them, for example, diamonds in the hot summer noon in the office will not be very appropriate. All bright and sparkling decorations we leave for hot summer nights, along with deep decollete and transparent fabrics. The exception for the office is an engagement ring and strict hours, try to avoid religious symbols, if you wear a cross, it should not be seen. Especially picky employers also prohibit loose hair during working hours.
Here is a strict dress code. But in it, of course, there are secret loopholes and ways to deceive the severe etiquette. For example, in order to create a visual illusion of pantyhose on the legs, it is necessary that the legs are tanned and smooth. And an extra pair of shoes for the office will save you from having to walk through the heat in closed shoes. And yet: take the rule not to cool the room air-conditioned, and set it a couple of degrees lower than the temperature on the street. Then, going outside the chilled room, you will not feel uncomfortable. If the air temperature in the office premises is regulated centrally, then the multi-layer clothing will be saved from the temperature difference to the streets and inside.

In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems, andIn the intricacies of the dress code is easy to understand. All of its requirements and limitations are based on two fundamental principles: one must dress oneself in such a way that they are not fired, and they need to be dressed in such a way as to be promoted (the best example is how the boss dresses himself). According to stylists and image-makers, in order to purchase decent office clothing, you need to spend at least $ 500, and even more. Draw conclusions.
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