/ How to choose women 's underwear. How to choose the perfect underwear for the figure.

How to choose women's underwear. How to choose the perfect underwear for the figure.

How to choose underwear: choose models and materials

Today the range of underwear inSpecialized stores is huge. Women can choose between chaste pantaloons and frank bikinis, comfortable American style panties and practical shorts, lace bustiers and push-up bras. In all this variety it is easy to get lost, because any model of underwear can like it outwardly. But is it not harmful to health? So let's deal with it.

The most controversial model of women's panties,Which has long been disliked by gynecologists - the thong. This model irritates, traumatises the skin and mucous membranes, and the resulting microcracks contribute to the penetration of infections. In addition, striped strings - the mechanical link of transmission of the intestinal microflora in the vagina and urethra, which can lead to inflammation. In addition, it is believed that the thong is a possible cause of "kraurosis of the vulva" - a precancerous condition of the genitals. It turns out that it is better to abandon sexual strings once and for all? Not really. Healthy women can wear thong, but not longer than 2-3 hours a day.

In addition to insidious style, the danger to healthCan lurk in the fabric and edges of the laundry. Proceeding from this, gynecologists recommend choosing panties only from natural material - cotton or silk, in extreme cases with the addition of 5-10% elastane or lycra.

Microfiber briefs also do not harm the intimateHealth. There are also innovative underwear options - panties, impregnated with aloe, models with silver or made of bamboo fiber. Aloe vera contains 160 biologically active substances: vitamins C and E, magnesium, zinc, which have an antimicrobial effect. They protect and soften the skin, and also neutralize pathogens. The only "but": over time, the aloe extract disappears due to washing. The substance in linen with "silver impregnation" does not come into contact with the skin thanks to nanotechnology. On the surface of the fiber, a micro-lattice of silver ions is formed, which destroys bacteria by a static discharge. Bamboo fiber is made from the flesh of the plant. It protects the skin from bacteria and unpleasant odor. Bamboo underwear breathes well and maintains body temperature 1-2 degrees below normal.

Also, as on the fabric, one should pay attention toSeams and edges of linen, after all they rub, causing microtraumas to external genitals and facilitating access to bacteria. Depending on nutrition, stress and ecology, women have an imbalance of microflora. It does not appear, but if a woman starts to wear wrong clothes, then after a couple of weeks or months, inflammation, discharge, discomfort and distressing pain may occur.

How to choose the right underwear for a figure

But let us return to the problem of choosing clothes inDepending on the type of figure. So, if you are a thin woman of short stature, you should immediately forget about shorts, as they visually shorten the legs. Women of medium height can afford to wear any form of underwear, whether they are neat half-shorts or classic panties. And high women should give up panties with too high a neckline.

And now some tips for choosing a bra. If you have a small chest, then visually increase it will help round calyx. It's good if they are not too far from each other. Girls with a small chest should not wear bras with cups-triangles, because they visually make your bust even smaller.

Breasts of medium size do not needIt increased, but needs the right linen. Therefore, choosing a bra, pay attention to the presence of a supporting strip under the cups and the thickness of the straps. The straps must be at least 0.7 cm wide. But the big breast needs good support, so it is worthwhile to dress in a minimalist underwear just before the date. For everyday wear, choose a bra with wide straps and a wide strip under the cups to avoid unnecessary strain on the spine. Also an excellent option for owners of a large bust can become models of elongated bodices.

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