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What should be in a handbag

1. Beautician

Every morning a woman begins with makeup. Leaving the house, she feels confident, and her face reflects the "beginning of the day." Well, when the work in the office, and that is, its nuances and time about the time, you need to tint your lips, "comb" the edges, powder the "nose". And there are jobs that require movement around the city. And regardless of weather conditions, the desire of a true woman - always be on top. Therefore, a cosmetic bag with a mirror, lipstick, powder, a corrector for the eyebrows should occupy a proper place in the purse ... That is, its cosmetic salon.

2. Manicure set

Female hands are part of the bodyAttention is not less than on the face. They also need daily care. But as sometimes annoying, when during the day with a beautiful manicure happens "unforeseen". A girl with a sense of responsibility always has a manicure set in her purse. In it, just and there are tools with which you can eliminate troubles.

3. Nail polish

To the necessary things to maintain the beauty of the hands,I want to add nail polish. How without it? Not very nice, when accidentally "wiped" the varnish. The manicure becomes sloppy and there is only one desire - to hide somewhere your hands. If you have the right color in your purse, this is your guarantee of comfort.

4. Hairbrush

This thing is not subject to time and is consideredA very personal subject. The hairbrush should lie in one of the pockets of your bag. Imagine if it is not at hand? How to bring your hairstyle in order? No fashionista would not agree to walk with "disheveled" hair. You can, of course, "smooth" the hair with your hands, but this way of laying more inherent in men.

5. Hairspray

It may happen that you were urgently summoned toDirector for a meeting or you called a "new friend" and invited to dinner. Quickly bring the hair in order and transform into a hairdress will help the hairspray. Most fashionistas found this place in their purse.

6. Handkerchiefs, wipes

In times of knights ladies always hadHandkerchiefs with embroidered initials on them. At any time, accidentally dropping the handkerchief on the ground, a woman could quickly attract the attention of the chosen one. Modern ladies also do not forget to put a handkerchief in their handbag. Although it can be replaced with newer means. For example, hygienic moistened, as well as flavored napkins. Very convenient and do not need to be washed. Dirty hands, and there is no water near? Please, got a napkin from the bag and everything is ready.

7. A bottle of perfume

The smell of a woman for a woman is also important, as for men. Therefore, there is always a bottle with favorite spirits in the purse. One, two and feel the "update" of the image.

8. Notepad

Although now is the age of computer technology, but inCertain moments of life so there is not enough notebook. A woman will always find a place for her in her purse. It can write down a list of purchases, phone numbers, interesting heard statements, notes on the day of the day and even plans for the future.

9. Mobile phone

How without it? In the bag for the phone there is even a special pocket. A mobile phone is as compulsory as a mirror, not only for fashion ladies, but for all modern people. Without it, nowhere!

10. Wallet

It does not matter where you keep your money. But a bag without a purse can not be imagined. You can buy it for yourself separately or buy with a selected bag model. A very convenient thing is not only in terms of money. It can store business cards, rings, earrings. And a photo of your beloved!

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