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The basic wardrobe of a modern woman

Business style:

Jacket or jacket Classical style of monochromatic neutral color, preferable to a darker shade. It can be with or without buttons, but necessarily qualitative.
Skirt, Suitable for the jacket, preferably monophonic, but the figure is acceptable. It may be a cell or a strip, but not clearly pronounced. The length is not below the knee, but not too short.
Pants Classic cut, which you can wear with or without a jacket. It is desirable that one were monophonic and necessarily of high quality.
Three blouses. All three must be a classic cut. One white, the second - colored, neutral color, the third - more elegant, perhaps with some drawing, from a more expensive fabric.
Casual dress Monotonous, simple style, suitable both for work and for attending an informal evening event.
Several tops and T-shirts Different colors, high-quality, laconic cut.
Knitted pullover Neutral color, which can be worn on both the blouse and the top.
Classic shoes and boots Or half-boots, suitable for them bag and belt.
A few scarves, Scarves, etc.
Several sets of restrained, not screaming ornaments, preferably of precious metals.

Casual style:

Comfortable trousers or jeans Classical style, straight, preferable to dark shade.
Jacket or half-sports jacket Casual style, suitable for jeans.
Skirt Simple cut, perhaps, denim, free style.
Several T-shirts With different length of sleeves, plain and with a pattern.
A warm sweater Sufficiently thick knit. It can be either monophonic, or with a pattern or ornament.
Sport suit For outdoor activities from quality materials. You can choose the color to your taste.
Sneakers, boots Style casual and a suitable bag for them.
To be published, you need to have two dresses. Classics of the genre - a small black dress -It is suitable for parties and receptions of any degree of importance and officiality. In addition, it is recommended to have a light dress made of light fabric - a "cocktail version", which is suitable for a day's celebration. To each dress you need to have a suitable small handbag and a pair of shoes - smart shoes or sandals, as well as a set of jewelry: there are allowed and large earrings, and more shine.


Coat In a simple classic style, with discreet buttons, of quality fabric. Suitable for both cold weather and not very good.
Cloak A little below the knees, sitting not tightly in shape, but slightly freer. A good choice is a cloak with a clasp.
Jacket For country trips and walks. It is desirable with a clasp - this will make it more versatile and suitable for any weather.
Evening coat From expensive fabric. The most profitable color for him is black.
For the cold season, we need Scarves and hats: Cap, hat or beret.
When you make up a wardrobe, pay attentionTo ensure that things match each other in color and texture. As already mentioned, for a basic wardrobe is better to choose quality things, and they are guaranteed to serve you more than one year. But, having received an invitation for an interview, a country picnic or a banquet in a restaurant, you will quickly pick up the outfit, not spending the last evening in the bustling search for suitable clothes for the shops.

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