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Jacket with short sleeves

In short there is no place

If you go for a walk, date orFor a picnic - then a shortened jacket with small sleeves can be an excellent addition to shorts and tunic. The best option is if you manage to match it to other parts of the outfit. Not bad will look and original details - lacing, embroidery, etc.

However, be careful not to wear such a jacket with short tops and T-shirts if you are not 100% sure of the ideal condition of your tummy.

Business and courageous

If you are a brave and uncommon person, then to youCertainly want to stand out even in the dress code. Surprisingly, a simple black jacket can help you with this. However, it is not quite simple: it should have several characteristic attributes: a short sleeve (or a long one, which could be elegantly rolled up), a fitted silhouette. And, of course, you will need a white blouse to create a contrast. You can choose any - starting from the classic, with a turndown collar, and ending with non-standard, with buttons and a collar-stand.

Sports or sex?

And even better - both, and more! After all, it's still possible to look sexy in sports clothes. A jacket jacket is another proof of that. This season, especially relevant will be jackets made of fabric with a "rumpled" effect, with a short sleeve and some feminine and bright detail - for example, a bright applique or embroidery. Wear such a jacket to your jeans and tunic or an elongated top - you will not lose!

All on board!

One of the trends of this summer is clothes inMarine style. However, if you are not ready to put on a blue and white striped jersey - it does not matter, you can dress in a more restrained style. For example, a black or black and white top, a black jacket to the waist and a short sleeve, and complement the outfit with an amusing headdress in tone (say, with a striped ribbon). Bright lipstick and massive earrings - an excellent completion of the image of a remote pirate!

Eternal denim

Do you like multifunctional and comfortable clothes? Then a denim jacket is the best option for you. In it you can go to work, to shopping or even go on a date. This jacket can be worn with almost any trousers (but not jeans - the fashion for denim fabric from the feet to the head has long passed!) And tops. And if you want to stand out in the crowd - complement the outfit with a bright detail: for example, a brooch or scarf.

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