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Fashionable summer-2008: tops and vests

However, the work - albeit significant, but still only a part of our life. And under any other circumstances, we can feel more free in choosing your wardrobe.

And what can be called the most summer kind of clothes (well, except for a bathing suit, of course)? Probably, the topic - a light open blouse without sleeves.

For hot weather it is, perhaps, a universal item of ladies' wardrobe. Some designers manage to create such models that seem quite adequate even in a business setting.

Especially succeeded in this fashion house Armani and Donna Karan. Dense, but light tops without aggressive sexuality, these fashion houses offer to wear under summer linen and cotton jackets or jackets.

Another part of such a set may beLinen trousers or narrow straight skirts made of dense cotton. And if the color palette is also neutral enough, it is understandable why such tops are allowed in the wardrobe of a business woman.

But we are still not about this. This summer, designers do not offer a very wide selection of tops, and most of the proposed models are somewhat laconic.

In the fashion collections, which, in general, are marked with bright colors and cheerful variegation, there were not so many bright and variegated tops.

Just a T-shirt

Women borrowed from men, it seems, already almost all the items of the wardrobe. The usual simple knitted shirt was no exception.

Only enterprising women saw in it a much greater potential and began to use it as an object of outerwear, not linen.

By the way, it happened not so long ago, but a simple knitted shirt almost immediately proved to be just as convenient and sexy a subject of a women's wardrobe as a man's shirt.

However, as a thing from the category of must-have knitted mens-style shirt, perhaps, this summer for the first time in recent years.

With such an accent in their collections, many fashion houses were noted - D & G, Emporio Armani, Helmut Lang, Isabel Marant, Karl Lagerfeld, Prada, Sport Max, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera.

It is interesting that not only white, but alsoMany other color options: beige, blue, pearl gray, khaki. Similarly, the knitted fabric differs in the variety of texture in different designers - from the usual dense linen jersey to a sparse and translucent "spider".

Keep the shape

But the tops in the form of corsets and half-corsets were among the fashion hits for several seasons in a row.

That's only as a sample, they took either brutal erotica (black leather and vinyl), or very remote historical periods - the Middle Ages, Baroque.

All this led to the rigid forms of such corsets and abundant defiant decor. Sooner or later it was boring.

This summer, tops-corsets are also present on the world's catwalks, but they have become more concise, light and modern.

If we talk about retro, they rather refer to the forms of the 40-50-ies of the last century, when women refused from rigid corsets, but wanted to have lush forms.

Today's tops-corsets are tight-fitting models with open shoulders, from dense fabrics, with minimal decor. They can be worn with shorts, trousers, and skirts of any length and volume.

The lack of decor and laconicism of the form speaks more about the sporting style. By the way, they will look good with light jackets and jackets.

Romance of youth

Like sports tops-corsets, aerial romantic tops-razletayki refer to the youth sector of fashion.

Such tops should be worn over trousers or skirts.

They can have an overstated waist in Empire style, a wide flirt or accented cup bra.

In general, there are many variants of the top, but the bottom part of all such models is the same: wide, flared from the level of the coquette or that very high waist line.

The appearance of such a silhouette in the summer fashion collections is understandable, given that the designers were carried away this season by the hippy style.

Such topics just with a light heart and can be attributed to this style of clothing. Most of the proposed options for both used fabrics and prints also clearly refer to the style of hippies.

Since such an airy, flared topCreates an extra volume in the upper part of the figure, wear it better with tight trousers, narrow shorts or a plain plain skirt. Colorful lush skirts, complete with similar tops, will create a very "gypsy" image.

Fad quirks

And what remains self-confident women?

Many of them also have a long and passionate affection for open topics and are happy to wear them under different circumstances.

It seems that in the fashion collections this summer there are quite nice options that will suit them to the liking and at the same time will not allow to fall into childhood, involuntarily moving into another age group.

First of all, you can recommend the tops with a more complex and interesting cut.

It seems that this is simply impossible to achieve because of the small volume of this piece of ladies' wardrobe. But this is far from the case.

Designers offer sophisticated draperies (I emphasize: draperies, not ruffles!), An unusual armhole line, experiments with straps and gates finishing.

All this looks very elegant, and all this is necessaryTo be able to wear. That's why most of these models are perfectly suitable for any festive social events. Here, by the way, embroidery, and metallized thread, and appliqués are already found in decoration.
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