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How to choose a bra

In order to support the breast and notCripple fragile female shoulders, a bra should have wide comfortable shoulder straps, and to make breasts appear more compact, it is better to choose your underwear with the closest cups.

Well, if in addition to the arcuate bone under the breast, your bra will also have a lateral bone sewn into the corsage. This design helps to support the chest from the side.

If the bust is very voluminous, it is better to choose linen like corset, where the bones are stitched vertically.

Another great thing for a large breast is the so-called half-grab, when a wide corsage reaches almost to the waist. In this case, the breast is kept perfectly.

Do not hide in your hoodie!

A woman with a large breast, as a rule, can afford to wear a neckline. The only exception is when the breasts are very widely spaced. Here you need to choose not too deep cutouts.

Often ladies with a lush bust prefer wideDresses and blouses. This should not be done categorically. Such clothing hides the figure and makes women look like a haystack. It is better to choose a semi-adjacent silhouette with clearly traced darts.

Blouses for owners of large breasts - slightly elongated. A short blouse, stretched over a bulky bust, will surely bully and strip the belly, and this does not always look attractive.

Choosing a jacket or jacket is also a serious problem for women with big breasts. In order for the jacket to always look good, and the fabric does not frown, choose models with a deep cut.

Sometimes women try to balance the figure,Choosing blouses with large shoulders. Do not do this: visually increasing the shoulders, you do not hide the large bust, but immediately become like a heavyweight fighter.

Another taboo for lustrous beauties - voluminous sleeves (lanterns, puffs, flounces). Sleeve should be vtachnym or suede.

How to decorate a bust?

As for ornaments, women withTitian forms should not additionally attract attention to the breast with the help of brooches - such accessories will only add to you similarities with Madame Gritsatsyeva. But you will need a necklace and long necklaces. If, in addition to a beautiful breast, you also got a swan neck, emphasize this advantage with the help of long earrings and a high hairstyle.

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