/ / Fashionable women's underwear 2015. Actual trends of women's underwear 2015, photo.

Fashionable women's underwear 2015. Actual trends of women's underwear 2015, photo.


Fashionable underwear lingerie 2016 - what's in the trend?
Fashionable women's underwear 2016: colors and fabrics

Fashionable underwear lingerie 2016 - what's in the trend?

For fashionable underwear for women in 2015, topicalThere will be several trends. Home - a clear separation of styles. All fashionable lingerie can be conditionally divided into 3 styles: glamorous, romantic and practical. Glamorous suits and body shoes should be as sexy as possible with an abundance of details: lightning, lace inserts, cut-outs and cuts. Romantic underwear should be made in soft colors and not be too frank. But practical kits should be comfortable and as simple as possible. In 2015, designers adhered to these unwritten rules and did not mix different styles in one set.

Miss Perfection: How to Choose the Right Underwear

Underwear is akin to a secret female weapon. It excites the male consciousness and allows you to embody the wildest fantasies. But first of all, underwear should perform a protective function and meet high quality criteria. On how to choose the perfect underwear, which will be both beautiful and comfortable, learn from our article.

As for the styles, the retro motifs are the thirdThe season will be at the peak of popularity. The most fashionable women's panties 2015 should be high and slightly reminiscent of short shorts, and bras - the most closed. A special chic is a corset and a belt for stockings. Silk shirts, tops-bustier, combinations and lace shirts - all these attributes of the style of the 1920s will return to fashion in 2015.

Women's Underwear

Will remain in fashion and classic. Simple black or white underwear always looks very sexy on a woman's body. It has some kind of magic that enchants men, making them unwitting hostages of female beauty. In white, men see tenderness and purity, and in black - the emphasis of passion and some kind of permissiveness in bed, swagger. In 2015, black lace will be actual as a decoration, and in the form of kits sewn from this fabric. Among the favorites of the season are also kits with contrasting inserts, for example, purple, blue or burgundy.

Fashionable Underwear 2015: colors and fabrics

Fabrics - a favorite springboard for designerExperiments with linens. We experienced a universal fascination with satin, lycra, guipure. There was, it seems, even a short-term disease with velvet. Since the beginning of the new millennium, the views of designers have become somewhat simpler. Which season leadership holds ageless embroidery, guipure, lace. Very important in 2015 will be chalk cotton fabrics, elastic silk French knitwear, and, of course, romantic floral motifs in the form of appliqués and embroideries.

In 2015, when creating romantic modelsUnderwear designers preferred to use silk, satin and chiffon cream and pastel tones. The styles are classic. Despite its impracticality, lace is the favorite material for sexy underwear. So, in fashionable bras and panties in 2015, lace is combined with a translucent chiffon. Among the actual colors: cherry, sangria, purple, coffee, scarlet, black.

For sets of practical underwear, which this year should be comfortable and minimalistic, many designers chose cotton and neutral shades.

The most fashionable colors of lower lingerieAlso become all shades of beige, ranging from coffee with milk, finishing with gray and pink; Corporal; As well as a combination of brown and gray, chocolate and gold, mocha and pudrovoy.

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