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Choosing a wristwatch

Recognize the time BN prefers CartierTankissime - these watches so harmonize with the handle that the godfather gave her for adulthood! She even likes this watch (especially a gold bracelet (18 carats), but Roman figures on the dial are a little embarrassing to her), and she hopes that her boyfriend - the top manager of one big company - will take Cartier as a hint that she is ready Accept his offer of hands and hearts. In addition, the watch is decorated with such a nice tapeworm, and inserting white gold and a scattering of smaller diamonds makes BN tender - in her glamorous world it is considered a sample taste.

2. Artistic nature

Thin artistic lifeApolitical, asocial, believes in postmodernism and does not believe in large corporations and seems to be keeping pace with the times. But this radical girl with feminist inclinations had a little delay in the "rebellious youth" - she was already thirty, and she does not intend to change her habits and views. AN - the director of an art gallery, whose specialization is the work of Oriental artists. AN does not distinguish between work and leisure, and therefore dresses always the same: shortened black trousers - "cigarettes", black velvet ballet flats or boats, a cashmere sweater with a V-neck pastel shade from Brora (not from Primark!), Sometimes in combination With a white chemise pressed down to a crunch. The NA has a short haircut (smooth or hedgehog, no silly curls), and accessories are kept to a minimum: a massive silver Ethiopian cross on a black leather strap, a thin silver bracelet next to the black model Alessi Kaj (she really likes the orange arrow - she talks about her connection With the East), and clips (or earrings) with rhinestones. No make-up - this is fundamentally. The mat for practicing yoga is its constant companion, like the Evian bottle and a black capacious cloth bag - of course, non-designer, and bought somewhere in the eastern bazaar.

3. Glamorous beauty

Glamorous beauty in all imitates Liz Hurley,But only not so famous. She is well-married, she is already far beyond thirty, her life is a continuous cloudless summer. HA is always sunburnt, wearing exceptionally white, sometimes diluting it with a puppet-pink. She has an ideal figure (this is partly due to plastic surgeons), which allows her to wear tight white trousers with a white ragged biker vest and overt top, white belt with a massive rhinestone buckle and sandals on a huge platform in red peas. GK is crazy about short tops and jackets and just recently bought a stunned pink jacket, and now is thinking about buying a white multi-layered skirt-maxi, similar to a wedding cake. Of course, she's blond, and her luxurious straight hair reaches the waist, like Barbie's. It seems that her huge sunglasses are simply glued to the charming puppet face. GC wears Chanel watches, sparkling with white diamonds and pink sapphires - do not doubt, its nails are painted with a varnish of the same hard to define shade. By the way, she usually does manicure in the company of her miniature copy - a teenage daughter, from whom she has no secrets, and with whom they visit the spa salons together.

4. This lady

This woman is full of feelings of her ownDignity - she never watched the fashion in her life, did not go around with others, and now her friends' children look at her with respect, consider her "classy and modern" and even find in her something heroic. She is engaged in gardening, breeds poultry, has an active civil position and unshakable moral principles. NL is the wife of a successful lawyer, diplomat or politician, a member of several committees, a mother of four children, a diligent and hospitable hostess, a convinced activist of the "green" movement (carefully monitors water consumption, reuses banks from jam bought in a supermarket, and wrapping paper) . NL has been driving a very old Volvo for many years - it's convenient to carry your favorite dogs. Her watch is a female model of Girard-Perregaux 1945. They inherited it from a rich aunt, and NL does not remove them, even when engaged in gardening. NL scrupulously calculates the family budget and saves. At friendly dinners, she wears dark dresses (mostly blue) from Toast or Nicole Farhi, and from accessories she prefers amber beads - in three rows - and large massive gold bracelets in Cleopatra style. Resting in the south of France, she wears espadrilles. Instead of a summer handbag from NL - a basket from Provence. Her beautiful gray hair is always neatly trimmed and stowed in an elegant hairstyle - almost like a Jilly Cooper.

5. The boy-handsome

His life resembles a light and rapid glideOn the waves. He is just over 20. Quite a decent income (for example, working as a copywriter or a logo designer for a large company) allows him, without hesitation, to indulge all his habits: surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, downhill skiing - at least one of the listed sports He deals every weekend, when he tears himself off from the TV, where he looks out for everything that has anything to do with "Formula 1".

In his dreams, MC wears TAG Heuer Microtimer. Even his girlfriend knows by heart the specifications of these incredible watches: a wristwatch chronograph, working with an accuracy of 1 / 1000th second, a steel case with a black digital dial and a sleek black strap. In fact, MK is forced to settle for Swatch, which my mother gave him in honor of graduation from the university with a red diploma, baggy jeans, vintage T-shirts (or T-shirts with funny inscriptions), fashionable two-colored sneakers and a bunch of bracelets and bracelets - leather straps, colorful threads and something Silver - in memory of his journey to Africa or the islands. He never parted with the iPod, and his hair is always so touchingly ruffled.

6. Careless Rider

BE refers to a rare breed of self-sufficientMen who do not suffer from loneliness. He believes that he has chosen the only true path in life and dresses with reckless and therefore quite natural elegance. Most recently, he celebrated his thirtieth birthday, but he has his own consulting firm or advertising agency, which is waiting for a great future - he does not doubt this for a moment. Money - just a side (albeit very pleasant) product of his successful activity - nothing compared to moral satisfaction. He completely took place as a person and a man. BE wears elegant suits from Lanvin and Armani, complementing them with polo sweaters from Lacoste or Smedley T, but will never wear sloppy moccasins so beloved by his peers. He is not afraid of failure and wearing the "right" shoes - pay attention to shoes from patent leather from Gucci - so go far. On weekends, he prefers to wear jeans from dark denim and gray cashmere sweaters with a round neckline. Now he wears the classic Rado model; The blue dial underlines the color of his eyes, which mysteriously shine when he takes off his vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers glasses. Over time, he will undoubtedly please himself with something chic, for example, a masterpiece of Patek Philippe, even if used.

7. Superman's Double

This forty-year-old twin brother Bond works inThe advertising industry (still) and "fully" provided. DS always dreamed of becoming, if not a secret agent, then at least an ironically irresistible top manager of a global corporation. He looks like Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig at the same time. Profession allows him to remain a boy to gray hair and at the same time to shine his knowledge in almost any field, from the selection of actual accessories to cars, from gadgets to men's fashion. He never doubts his own taste; Unfortunately, in his profession an individual style is more like a uniform: excellent leather shoes with a square toe, bright socks, tight or straight black boot-cut jeans, a black turtleneck or a shirt with a wide collar (three times a week he regularly visits the gym - a beer abdomen So unaesthetic and trite), a scarf, black glasses and a nylon bag-backpack over his shoulder. Frankly, he has about a half-dozen hours, naturally, among them there is Omega Seamaster. Now his favorite is Chanel J12 Superleggera.

8. Shark of capitalism

AK has earned so much money thatPositively does not allow him to hope to get to paradise. He even regrets somewhere about his fabulous wealth, so he prefers not to give it away. AK is already over fifty, but it is athletic, well-groomed and businesslike - a habit developed in his youth. So he was at school, university, on the sports field and in his office of the president of a large company. Truth be told, he always dreamed of becoming a music producer or film director. He could even write a book. The Chronometer (Breitling Navitimer) he chose not for considerations of status and prestige - this choice reflects his life philosophy: in the course of time there is poetry, if you do not need to rush and fight for every second. From this exhausting struggle, AK has freed himself for a long time: he spends his time on his mega-yacht, in prestigious men's clubs and expensive hotels. He also dresses with poetic elegance (Prada and Armani suits, white shirts with wide cuffs, Ermenegildo Zegna shoes and no tie) and firmly believe that he still has time to change himself and the world around him.

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