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Hair styling at home

So, with clarification, the master works with the wholeHead, while marking - only with separate strands. Under the tint is meant to give a shade of clarified hair. It uses not traditional paint, but special shade preparations. And, finally, coloring is a multi-coloring. All these methods of dyeing hair require practically the same care after staining, as will be discussed below.

For streaky hair there are specialShampoos. Do not think that shampoos do not differ much and that the effect of all shampoos is almost the same. Special shampoos for hair streaks clean and shine the hair, give hair lightness and shine.

Also, more and more popular are the gel-fluids for streaked hair. Such gels smooth and give shine to the streaked strands, emphasize the contrast and the color relief of the staining.

Experts also recommend the use of variousMasks designed specifically for streaked hair. Such masks are convenient in that they carry out selective deep care, strands behind the strands restore the level of the lipid layer of hair fibers and charge the hair with nutrients.

For the shine of streaked hair will help them"Polishing". When using a blow-dryer, polishing is done with the help of brashing (a round brush, preferably with natural bristles). In doing so, direct hair dryer for hair growth. That is, the jet of hot air should slip through the hair - from the roots to their tips. Thus, the scales of the hair will close, and they (the hair) will be more smooth and shiny!

Update the painting, whether it's highlights,Toning or coloring, should be at least once every four months. Such types of painting are good because overgrown roots are not too noticeable, especially if you are the owner of natural light brown hair.

However, before doing the highlights(Coloring, toning ....) you need to be aware of the latest fashion trends. Today, the usual melioration (large, lightened strands of the same tone) has receded into the background, in the fashion creative mixed with the classics. Three major fashion solutions for 2008 are presented below.

One of the most vivid and creative decisions of thisYear came from Europe. And not just from quiet peaceful towns, but from club capitals - Ibiza, London, Berlin ... What is this solution? The embodiment of it looks great on long hair. If you are the owner of dark brown and black hair, or vice versa, a blonde (but without yellow tint) - color one small strand in an acid color: blue, green, purple, orange .... Just one thin strand of hair ... but The streets are already turning into a trail, and in the mirror you see a creative, but not too conspicuous girl.

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"Fire in the jungle." This way of coloring will suit you, if you are brown or brunette. The specialist will pick up 4-5 shades of red (from orange to pink) and make a "fire in the jungle" on your head :). At the same time, leaving your current color as the main one.

Natural highlights. As already mentioned before - the classic is again in vogue, but the classic, mixed with chic. From the side it may seem that this is your natural hair color, but only you will know that the specialist, taking as a basis your current color (or the one in which you are going to repaint), permeated and colored your hair with various light shades - from ashy to Sand. Thus, the color of hair, shimmering in different shades, will appear natural and as if never dyed.

Already for five thousand years BC. Hairdresser's art was popular. Historians have found out that the ancient inhabitants of the planet did not pay as much attention to clothing as to their hair. The ancient Greeks, for example, knew the recipes for medicinal ointments and hair shampoos, and the Egyptians preferred wigs to natural hair .... All this suggests that the pursuit of beauty is a natural need of man that has come to us from ancient times ...

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