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How to find your style

What is style?

Style is an image, it is based on some kind ofIdea, and everything else helps this idea become a reality. Many popular personalities are called style icons, for example, Madonna, Greta Garbo, Dita von Teese, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe. All of them are different, but each of them is flawless, these women are easy to distinguish from each other, because their style really differs.

You can choose the right one, guided by yourHabits, way of life, tastes and desires. For example, a girl who leads an active lifestyle prefers free style in clothes and does not like frames and limitations, it will be difficult to feel comfortable trying on the image of a refined glamorous young lady, an aristocratic lady or a retro diva. A subtle, sensitive nature, appreciating first of all aesthetics, can not be harmonious in a cowboy hat, shirt and worn jeans. Therefore, do not blindly copy other people's ideas, because each style is created based on the person's personality, which includes not only appearance. If a girl does not feel that something is close to one or another character, you should take the best ideas and create your own style, guided by your own personality. By the way, plagiarism is just copying, faking, and the original is always valued higher.

Now bohemian and vintage style is popular, butFashion does not set a clear framework, allowing each woman to look the way she wants or as she can. Deep mistaken those girls who blindly imitate famous personalities, not noticing that the choice of their style is much wider than the cover of fashion magazines show.

How to find your style?

Do not think that choosing your style once,A person becomes his hostage forever. Creative people even in ordinary life can play, change images, and one person can feel comfortable in different incarnations.

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about if by day you -A strict business woman, and in the evening a fatal woman provoking a flirt or an ordinary girl from a neighboring courtyard. The main thing is that each of these images suits you and does not look like a badly worn mask.

The basis of the style can be a classic image,Which can easily be changed and supplemented with accessories, unusual hairstyle, make-up. Classics style is convenient because it never goes out of fashion, offers many different proven solutions that are doomed to success. So, a suit in the style of "Coco Chanel", classic shoes, perfect hairstyle and make-up, pleasant intelligent manners allow you to look perfect in any situation.

If the basis is taken by the so-calledCreative style, it will require an impeccable taste. Since this direction is the most dangerous - you can make a lot of mistakes that are difficult to fix. True, it is possible to exploit this style in completely different ways. Femininity and romanticism, hippie style, ethnic style - all this is permissible and has a place to be, you can choose what you like more. The only concern is that the creative style is very close to vulgarity, so any extremes will be an inevitable mistake.

If you value freedom of expression, it is worthTo choose a style outside the style. As an example, you can take the representatives of youth subcultures, which choose things as their attributes, as if descended from the pictures of past centuries. A perfect example is Greta Garbo with her feminine make-up and strict men's suits. If you feel that a tuxedo or curvy crinolines will suit you and help create your style, it's worth a try.
Sports style is the absence of anyLimitations and comfort. It allows you to forget about the hours spent at the mirror, from the life complex design, smart make-up disappear, which allows you to save time and feel comfortable at the same time.

Choosing the basis for your style, you can seeAnd on the novelties that correspond to it and which the world of fashion offers. Topical trivia, correct accents - whether it's underwear, a bag, a haircut or earrings, will help not look dry, but bring into the image of liveliness.

As you can see, choosing your style is not so difficult. No one is immune to mistakes, even professionals do them from time to time, so do not be afraid of experiments, because only the choice allows us to hope that in the end we will be able to choose your own individual style and look perfect.
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