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Mistakes in clothes

It is known that not all styles go equally well to the same person, and some only spoil. Therefore, when choosing clothes, it is worth paying close attention to whether it's her style.

For example, full and not too long legsYou can not make visually slimmer by wearing tight pants or a skirt in combination with ankle boots. Clinging shapes are only for those who do not have big problems with the figure, and those who have extra pounds, do not fit tight things.

Wide hoodies, ponchos and flying cuts canMake you fuller or slimmer, it all depends on the ability to combine things. If you wear very wide trousers, a shapeless sweatshirt or a very loose sweater, the figure will be lost in the folds of clothes, it will look more voluminous. Clothes complex cut, multi-layer can hide thinness, adjust the shape of the legs, emphasize the waist or spoil your appearance.

In addition, it is important to consider age when choosingClothes, because too frank outfits are not recommended for people of age, they look vulgar, and unnecessarily strict closed things can add anyone to years.

Mistakes in clothes often commit, incorrectlyChoosing or combining colors. If you try to combine more than 3 primary colors, the overall appearance may look too variegated. If you like the variety of colors, one color should be calm. On the basis of it, you can combine bright colors, so, for example, black color blends well with any others. The main thing is not to go too far in pursuit of diversity.

Black color is considered a classic. Many abuse it, since it is the black color that is considered universal and goes to almost everyone. The abundance of this color in clothes and accessories makes the overall appearance too gloomy. If you are not ready to give up clothing in dark colors, you should add a few bright accessories that will help you not look like you just returned from a funeral.

Too bright colors like children and adolescents. When adults try to wear clothes in bright colors every day, it often looks strange. Will it always be a bright orange dress? Will it look good in an acid-yellow blouse in a theater or at a meeting? Bright things go only for young people and are suitable for parties or recreation, but not for work, official events or everyday life.


Errors in clothing are also encountered in the wrongChoice of accessories. Without an addition in the form of a handbag, headdress, scarf, jewelry or gloves, any outfit will look boring. Completed image is only if you can make the right accent.

But accessories are treacherous. If you select cheap ornaments for an expensive costume, it will catch your eye. If the details of the clothes do not match the general style, they will break the harmony. In the event that the accessories are too much - it's just as bad when they are not there at all. These important details should be selected based on your image and case. For example, large flashy decorations are not suitable for office and business meetings, large stones are appropriate only in the evening at official receptions, and diamonds in the morning in the subway will look ridiculous.

Among other things, mistakes in clothing oftenCommit when trying to combine several styles. For example, business style and evening style are not combined with sports style. Sneakers and cocktail dresses will look as ridiculous as jeans combined with lace gloves and a veiled hat.
Choosing an outfit, you need to consider all the subtleties,Learn to look at yourself critically and not be afraid of experiments. Sometimes it only seems that some things do not fit together, and sometimes the certainty that an accessory is created for a particular dress is the most blatant mistake. It is important to pay attention to the whole appearance - from the bonnet to the shoes, then the number of errors will be minimized.
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