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Dress for the bride

It's for the wedding that girls want to get somethingSomething that no one put on before them. Exclusive in this industry is particularly in demand. Some buy a dress in ordinary stores or agree to take a dress for hire, but this way out of the situation does not suit everyone.

The best dresses are sewn to order. Now there are specialized salons, under which the artist works - the fashion designer, there is an atelier and the opportunity to choose a dress from the catalog. But in order to create the very dress, it will take a lot of work.

To begin with, the master will critically examine you toIdentify all the shortcomings that you need to hide and all the advantages that must be emphasized. After that, usually offer a few options for dresses, which differ from each other, but similar in only one - they will go to you. You need to choose, not hurrying. First, the rush may end when you change your mind when it's too late to change something. Secondly, you have a great opportunity to think and make some changes to the sketch, because the master's opinion may differ from yours.

After the dress style is chosen, it makes senseSelect cloth. Cheap satin and silk will spoil the whole impression of the dress, no matter how original the idea itself was, so refuse to save. The most suitable for such a case are natural fabrics, the quality of which must be very high. It can be brocade, silk, satin, even lace should be natural.
Quality fabric must withstand enoughA great load, because the dress will be decorated additionally, and you will have to spend the whole day in it. It is worth paying attention to the color and texture. The fabric should be dyed evenly without stains, do not have defects in the drawing, puffs or holes. If such defects take place, then there is a high probability that the dress will simply tear at the most crucial moment.

Next, you should think about decorations. What will it be - lace, rhinestones, stones or flowers - you decide. Choose jewelry and accessories is based on the fabric and style of the dress. The simpler and more modest the base, the brighter the decorations. So, for a fairly modest dress from an expensive fabric, you can place a bright volumetric embroidery, precious stones or fresh flowers. If the dress itself looks luxurious, then the decorations should be modest, only complementing the overall picture, and not overshadowing the main outfit.

If you are constrained in the means, but wantTo get an exclusive outfit for a wedding, you can find a way out of this situation. To do this, go to a nice bridal salon where finished products are offered. Choose the dress that you like best, with only one condition - its style should allow for fit. Thus, you can give the finished dress to the seamstress who can remove or add some details and change it beyond recognition. Bought in the store ready-made dress can be exclusive, if you try a little. You can remove a banal bow, fix the length, add ornaments and look at the outfit will be completely different. Many professional seamstresses believe that a dress made of good material and a good cut is rarely hopeless, so every bride has a chance to become special.

If you are different in the ability to sew yourself,Then you can prepare a wedding dress itself, following the ancient traditions. The main thing is confidence in oneself, experience and availability of necessary equipment. And to give the dress a finished look will help properly selected accessories and jewelry.

Wedding attire is a great opportunity forExperiments. Right now you can realize the boldest ideas, because on this day you should be happy, radiant and beautiful. Therefore, appeal to the aid of imagination and do not skimp on the realization of your dream in life.
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