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Its shirt is closer to the body

If you study or work, you combineSerious business with entertainment, without a stylish white shirt you can not do. A modern white shirt is not necessarily a strict line and a boring cut. A variety of models will allow you to choose the right option for both the office, and for a party or a walk. Now, white shirts with a collar-stand are especially relevant. Often they are decorated with large bows that give the image a romantic feel.
In the office you can put on such a shirt withA classic skirt - pencil, for a party a combination of such a shirt with jeans - pipes. Various variations on the theme of such fashionable shirts are found in the collections of different designers. You can choose yourself and an expensive model, and a model for a more democratic price.
In addition, women's shirts are nowCell. They have become fashionable even in past seasons, but do not hurry to give way to new trends, so you can safely choose such a shirt for recreation or entertainment. The cage can be large or small, the main thing is to correctly combine such a shirt with the rest of your wardrobe.

Since the spring sun is already trying to break throughThrough the winter heavy clouds, we willy-nilly or involuntarily think about the bright summer wardrobe. Imagine a fashionable summer outfit without tops is almost impossible. In the last season, frills, frills, complicated cuts were relevant. These trends have been preserved to this day. Do not be afraid to pay attention to asymmetric tops, decorated with flounces or frills. Choose a bright color and elongated models. This will allow you to combine the top with trousers and leggings or wear like a beach dress, which will make it almost universal.
For those who like to be in the center of attention and attract men, designers offer bright tops of juicy shades of silk or satin.
Be careful in choosing a cut. If you want to hide flaws in the figure and emphasize the waist, then an asymmetrical cut will do you a disservice, especially it does not go to girls with magnificent shapes. But the right combination of length, cutout and flounces will help to look stunning at any moment.

This summer will be popular blouses a la 70's. This blouse is a free cut from variegated or monophonic fabrics with a short sleeve. The ends of such a blouse can be tied to a bow if you want to boast of tanned skin and a flat tummy.
Choose a color based on the shade of your skin. If you are the owner of light skin, then you should not give preference to gray or beige tones.
These blouses look equally good both with jeans, and with skirts.
If you prefer a more feminine andA romantic style in clothes, it is worth paying attention to the blouses of gentle shades from the lungs. Most designers have produced collections, in which there are very beautiful things from natural fabrics. Such blouses can be decorated with nice bows, frills, barely noticeable embroidery. No screaming colors, too frank cutouts. These blouses are created especially for gentle romantic ladies.

Trying to be fashionable, it is difficult to pick up exactly thatA thing that will suit you and will not become too unprofitable purchase. It is worth knowing that the designers are releasing the second line of their collections, where remarkable fashionable things meet at affordable prices. Pay attention to discounts, follow the work of beginning designers, and you will always feel yourself the most stylish and the most beautiful.
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