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Seasonal panic

It is known that the collapse of prices even for exclusive itemsIt happens twice a year - in the winter before the Christmas holidays and in the summer. Of course, in stores constantly there are things with a discount, but in the spring and autumn their number is extremely small. Summer is coming soon, which means that another reason is coming to make yourself a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, in Russia the culture of shoppingPractically absent. If European young women save cash for a few weeks of sales, our compatriots often feel embarrassed to admit that they bought something at a discount. This difference in mentality is especially evident when large supermarkets and boutiques start the season of sei.

If you do not want to go broke, buying new clothes inThe peak of their price growth, it is worth tempering the ardor and waiting a few months. Then you can afford and dress, and shoes and handbag, which have long dreamed of. It's silly not to use the opportunity to buy a quality item at half price, it's almost as stupid as buying it at exorbitant price just because it seems to you that discounts are only for those who can not afford a thing for a full price. In fact, this is not so. In Europe, people value first of all a reasonable approach to any act. Since shopping itself is more like a natural disaster than for a serious lesson, European customers are trying to somehow justify their spending on a hundredth bag or skirt from a beloved designer. A discount of 30, 40 or even 50% is a perfect excuse for any purchase.

By the way, find out when the time will comeFalling prices, it is possible quite easily - all large decent stores will inform you about this in a few days and show a map of future sales. If, of course, you take an interest. So you can plan the purchases.

If you've never been to big sales,Then you should know that the lowest prices at this time are on the goods that are in the store not the first season and the trendy things that will be irrelevant in a couple of months. They are discounted, because in just six months, such things will be difficult to sell even with runoff.

Many girls are wondering - what aboutBuy during sales? On really exclusive things, if the price falls, then not too much. Should I take them? If this thing you can afford, it's worth it. The fact is that many unique things become classics over time. For example, a luxurious dress that costs a lot of money this season can only go up over the years, as it will turn from a trendy thing into a vintage outfit. But, apart from luxury goods, it makes sense to buy inexpensive things for everyday wear. It is on sales that you can easily and for a small amount of money make up the basis of your wardrobe, and the details can not be stingy.

In addition, shopping has a uniqueTherapeutic effect. If your life is not the best of times, with a dozen new tops and trousers will help drive away any longing. True, few people can afford such a pleasure more than a couple of times a year. But the sale of those and are good, which allow you to buy beautiful things almost wholesale.

If you want to see really niceDiscounts, go to large stores. Small boutiques usually do not cut prices too much. In addition, large discounts in small stores - it's almost always an attempt to sell a thing from the year before last. If, for some reason, you missed a large store in the boutique, do not despair. After some time, all unsold things will appear in the stock - centers of these stores, and their price will be even lower. Of course, in such places you will not find dresses from Chanel, but things of more democratic brands can be bought practically for nothing.

The main advice for beginning hunters for discounts- to be in time ahead of everyone. But it is even better to be able not to succumb to impulses to buy everything, on what is the inscription -50%, and at least sometimes listen to the voice of reason. Then the pleasure of shopping will last much longer.
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