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Spring Wardrobe

Rounded forms.
If you are the owner of feminine forms thatNoticeable, then choose a jacket to the hips. The ideal option is a jacket with buttons. It can be made of leather, suede or jeans, the main thing is that the material does not fill you. With such a jacket you can wear both pants, and skirts or dresses. In order to make the waist more pronounced, simply fasten the jacket to one button. If the weather will please you almost summer day, unbutton the jacket and put under it a bright summer top. It will help to look attractive and feel as if summer has already come.
If you want to look slimmer, choose a straightTrousers on a figure, a blouse with a V-neck, heels and a jacket. So, without making any effort, you will visually lose a few extra pounds where they spoiled the whole image.

Children's figurine.

If you are distinguished by an elegant, fragile figure,If your thighs and chest are almost invisible, you can still give the forms the volume. To do this, you need to place the accents in the clothing correctly. Refuse from the massive parts, heavy shoulders, voluminous collars. Choose a light jacket to the waist of thin leather or suede.
In order to give the hips volume, put on a magnificent skirt or a skirt with pleats. You will go wide pants, open tops with ruffles, heels or ballet flats.

Outstanding figure.
It happens that in general you are happy with how youYou look, but one part of the body spoils the whole impression. If you think that your thighs could be more built, you will have to take a more careful approach to choosing a jacket. Shoulders should be wider than the waist, since the jacket should balance the upper and them. If it has locks, rivets, bright accessories, it will make it even better. The length of the jacket can be up to the thigh, and the waistline must be underlined so that the figure does not look square.
Choose dark trousers or skirts from flowing fabric and a light jacket. You will see that the volume of your poor will decrease significantly, albeit visually.

Birdie is not big.
Many girls are somehow complex aboutIts small growth. And quite in vain, because such "malomerki" can wear any heels and be below the bulk of men. And how they are loved to be carried on their hands and to patronize! If you are sure that small growth is your main disadvantage, try to fix it with a jacket.
First, choose a jacket solely for the figure. Its length is not as important as tailoring. It's on you jacket should sit perfectly. Carefully choose a jacket in color. It should be combined with the rest of the clothes, not catch the eye. Therefore, give up contrasts. It's great if the jacket has an overstated waist. If you chose a classic model, just tie the belt just above your waist line, this visually lengthens the trunk.
It is for women with small growth showing pantsAnd skirts with an overstated waist. Now they are at the peak of fashion. If you like trousers, choose narrow or those that are narrowed downwards. Shoes must certainly be on high heels.

As can be seen, it is possible to change for the better even withUsing the simplest clothes, which previously undeservedly remained without attention. Jackets are great for spring, they protect from coolness, but do not hide the figure. The choice of models is now great there, that any girl will easily find one that sits perfectly. The main thing is to evaluate objectively your shortcomings and not to demand too much from clothes.
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