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A new look at familiar things

For example, stockings.
It is this accessory that is strict and eroticAt the same time. It helps to keep office etiquette - you know that in the office you should not flaunt your bare ankles? But, nevertheless, it is in stockings that a woman feels sexual.
Once stockings were knitted by hand, decorating themEmbroidery and even precious stones. This was laborious work, so stockings were expensive and were not available to everyone. The first knitting machine was invented by a passionate lover. His beloved was forced to work very hard, and there was almost no time for meetings, so the man was forced to invent something to facilitate the work of the woman.
Strange as it sounds in our time, but stillA couple of centuries ago in the fashion were women with very full legs. Those whom nature endowed with slender legs, went to the trick, putting on several stockings at once. At the beginning of the 20th century, stockings became very popular, but since then fashion has not passed them.

In ancient Greece, there were no bosgalters, butWomen always needed sensitive support. First, a usual woolen tape was used for this purpose. In the Middle Ages, everything that flourished with beauty and life was considered sinful. So there was a corset that tortured women for several centuries. This led to terrible consequences - skin diseases and pathologies of internal organs. In the early 20th century, the French doctor cut the corset in half, giving women the opportunity to feel free. Only later did the bra become part of the women's wardrobe, capable of reducing or enlarging the chest, straps and cups appeared.

Beauty requires sacrifice - who has not heard thisWinged phrase? But very few people imagine how far from the truth. For example, Nefertiti used lipstick, which contained a large amount of lead. Her life was not only her own risk, but also those who kissed the beautiful ruler.
Carmine - a safe coloring substance, was openedMuch later. It's just a mass of pitted boiled insects and goat's fat. It does not sound very nice, but it was the only way to give color to your lips. True, in Europe carmine did not become popular. The Inquisition was against the paint on the faces of women, so the beauties were forced to die, lipstick staining their lips, which contained white and lead.
Lipstick was safe only in the early 20th century. Therefore now we almost do not risk, eating tons of lipstick for the life.

A bag.

Bags appeared when the world appearedwomen. It is known that in ancient society women were assigned the role of keeper of the hearth. They were not allowed to hunt, but allowed to engage in gathering. Women took large leaves, folded them in half and used to store roots, nuts and berries. Then the pockets played pockets, which were sewn directly on the dresses. To store in such pockets all that was necessary was impossible, so the women could still feel the lack of genuine bags. The first handbags appeared when there was a need somewhere to store small note ball books, prayer books. With the passage of time, a reticule appeared. It was created only when the fashion for clothing changed radically. Dresses became less magnificent, to hide pockets and it was not possible further, therefore women have received the first bags. Now the choice of bags is huge - clutches, backpacks, large and small, elegant and strict, leather and silk. Fashion designers around the world create amazing collections of bags each year that help fashion women look harmonious and stylish, while feeling comfortable.

The history of many things is amazing. We look at this thing every day and do not think about how it came to mankind to create such a necessary thing as a comb or a mirror. However, it is already very difficult to imagine your life without these useful trifles.

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