/ / What does the cat (white, black, colored) dream about? Why dream a lot of cats and kittens in the house.

What does the cat (white, black, color) dream of? Why dream a lot of cats and kittens in the house.

The question of what a cat is dreaming is very popular. They are so mysterious and mysterious that it is completely unsurprising. Their magical component remains in their dreams. So, if you want to know what the fleas of a cat are dreaming, then this is a well-known fact - to the hassle. But what do cats and kittens dream about? Read more about this.

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A lot of cats in a dream - what does it mean?

Many believe that to see a cat in a dream -Necessarily to trouble, but it's not. It has long been believed that these animals have some kind of magical origin, and therefore in dreams they become the embodiment of our enemies and ill-wishers. Therefore, if one dreams to kill a cat in a dream, it is to quickly get rid of the object of irritation in life.

What is a flea in a cat?: This is to worsen the well-being of close people or bad news.

Some commentators, talking about what's whatDreams of cats, many cats, they say that they are a reminder of the need to listen to one's opinion, rely on intuition. Also, this may indicate some kind of indifference to what is happening around and about the reluctance to interfere with it, the depressive mood.

Cats can dream at difficulties in mutual understanding in families, treason, the need to tolerate relatives and friends.

What is the dream of a cat in the dream book of Vanga

In this interpreter, cats are carriers of an exclusively negative aura.

Cat with kittens to woman: You will soon be humiliated and offended.

Angry cat: A dream signals an imminent meeting with a narcissistic personality, who are only interested in their problems. An animal's bite of the hand in a dream portends doubts in reality in a loved one, jealousy.

If you are interested in what the black dream is aboutCat, then this question Wang gives a clear answer: she in a dream warns about the insidiousness of enemies. Be extremely careful when you tell others about your plans.

Cats are one of the most unpredictable andMysterious creatures on earth. That's why dreams with them are so different from each other. To understand what a cat dreams about, you need to know all the other details. Try to remember your dreams, and then you will be warned as much as possible about possible dangers.

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