/ How to choose a man 's shirt?

How to choose a men's shirt?

The first thing you should pay attention to whenBuying any thing, this is its quality. A good shirt is made of dense fabric, most often it is natural cotton. These shirts well let in air and allow the body to breathe, in addition, they absorb moisture. This means that you will not be in it neither hot nor cold. Synthetic shirts are often electrified, they may not be as pleasant to touch, in summer they are very hot. Cotton shirts with a small amount of synthetics (not more than 30%) increase the elasticity of the shirt and its wear, it will not crumple as much as a 100% cotton shirt. Silk shirts are not suitable for daily wear, it's a front-end option for special occasions.
Pay attention to the seams and buttons. The buttons of quality shirts are often pearly and very strong. A good shirt is stitched with a strong double seam, which must be even, and threads should not stick out of it. The most expensive shirts are sewn by hand or suggest fitting to the owner after buying.
The color of the shirt should be uniform, without stains. If the shirt is bright color, rub its edge in the hands, the paint should not remain on the palms.
The size of the shirt is as follows: You should know not only your usual size, chest and waist size, but also the neck volume. Only with all these options you can pick up a shirt that will sit perfectly.

Shirts have the same or very similar style,Most often only collars differ. A good shirt does not have pockets, but if you choose a shirt with a pocket, then let it be the only one. Remember, it performs an exclusively decorative function and is not designed to store keys, phones, notebooks or pens.
Wide shirts are clothes for the office orRest, depending on the color and fabric. Thin, fitted, almost transparent shirts are clothes for informal parties. Such things are not worn at meetings or put on for a gala dinner.
There are shirts - tunics, shirts with belts and bright prints. This is a youth version for parties. Such shirts can not be considered business or ceremonial.
The collar of the shirt can be different. Modern fashion allows almost any options - from classic to trendy. There are shirts, the collar of which is designed for wearing a butterfly, most of them assume wearing a tie.
Sleeves of some shirts are fastened toButtons, while others require cufflinks. Cufflinks can be any - for your taste. If you choose cufflinks for a business shirt, they should be small, not catchy, if gold, then without precious stones. Shirts for parties and recreation you can wear with any cuff links.

The color of the shirts is also diverse. A business option is a light or dark shirt, but in no way is it screaming or black. Vivid options leave for rest and parties, and not for negotiations and business lunches. On a business shirt can not be embroidery, prints, ornaments. It should be extremely strict, combined in color with the suit and tie. If you are going not to the office, but to a party, cut and color of the shirt can be any. They can be worn with jeans, and with classic trousers. There are shirts that fit even to light summer trousers.

It's easy to choose a shirt. You can choose one that will be useful in the office, at the club, at a business dinner, on vacation. Pay attention to the quality, size, fit to your shape and taste preferences, and you will always look great.
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