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How to dress stylishly

Not in shape

Many of us like to wear loose clothes. It does not constrain and, as it seems to us, conceals the defects of the figure. In contrast to the tight dress, which puts these very defects on public display. However, designers of clothes in one voice argue that wearing baggy clothes on the contrary visually adds extra pounds. Clothing should be in size, - no more and no less. Have you lost weight? Do not wear what you used to wear. Have you recovered? Do not try to pull the previous size. Better please yourself with a new thing, which in this situation will be to your face and will please.

Fashion for bruising

I remember how one time the fabrics came into fashion,Looking slightly rumpled. All my girlfriends were talking about skirts and tunics with the effect of light wrinkles, but I was not in a hurry to give myself up to the fashionable idea. After reading critics of fashion on the Internet, I realized that I was right. All viedevals in the fashion sections of the London and New York media reiterated that the wrinkled clothes are aging and giving an untidy look. Maximum, where it can be worn - at home or on the beach. So think about how to buy another fashionable novelty. Not everything that is fashionable can decorate.

Dressing too much

It is not necessary to chase after each novelty offeredDesigners, and buy all the fancy baubles of the nearest boutique. You need to be not just fashionable, but, rather, follow your style or brand. You can not be too fashionable. Otherwise you will look just stupid.

Two in one

Some women of fashion like to surprise. Autumn has not passed yet, and they are already wearing spring accessories from new collections. This is just the case when the thing is out of place. Wear things from one collection for one season, do not mix seasons, as in other things and styles. Either mix with taste, so that it was not too noticeable and not striking. Clothes should be combined and complemented, not contrasted.

Underwear - this is LOWER linen

Many classics of fashion are perplexed, watchingAvant-garde collections. However, "haute couture" is not always for the average person. This is art, and it is mostly a museum. So do not follow everything that is worn on the catwalks. For example, the tendency to emphasize underwear. It's for that and underwear to stay there. Fashion-makers like Karl Lagerfeld or Valentino are horrified when blue linen is put on a transparent blouse of cream color. On the streets of our city you can see not only blue. Underwear is the same as the soul. Do not show it to the first person on the line. The rule of good taste is to hide the straps from bras, put on under the color of clothes, to trousers with a low waistline wear low melting and so on. Fashion is fashion, and upbringing is upbringing. So consider the masters.

Be careful with white

Everyone knows that white color fills. So be careful. Avoid pure white pantyhose, trousers and skirts if you do not want to visually add yourself pounds. Dilute the white range with other tones or patterns.

Is it too short?

Despite the fact that the podiums were adoptedSuper-short length of skirts and dresses, do not take this trend. If only you are not in the resort city and your skirt is not a skirt-shorts. Again, here the talk is not about fashion, but about the rules of good taste. First, check to see if your feet are not too open when you are sitting, and whether it does not bother people around you.

Rainbow is not in vogue

Very many women of fashion think: The more colors, the better. This is a great error. Designers are advised to use a modest color scheme - from one to three colors. Otherwise, your appearance will cause an inevitable smile: "Excuse me, today I could not decide what to wear. Because I put everything on at once! ».

Decoration should decorate

Before putting on jewelry, evaluate them onThe subject of conformity to your style and clothes. Choose the right length for a necklace, chain, earrings. Too short chains create the impression of suffocation and make the neck visually shorter - this must be remembered.

Dark top, light bottom

Shoes and clothing should be harmonized in color, and notOn the contrary. Choose color for shoes carefully and remember: although white and black are suitable for everything, there is still a chance to make a mistake. For example, in the autumn, to wear light shoes to a dark suit - in no case is recommended.

Too big hangers

Shoulders are a painful topic. Not every woman can wear things without them, but try not to make your shoulders too large. The trend of the 80's is back in fashion, which means that you will have to forget about the big ones and come out with barely noticeable shoulder pads. They must be subtle and modest and only slightly help you, while preserving the naturalness.


In fashion - color prints, cage and peas,Geometry and abstraction. However, it is this abundance that can lead to fashion disharmony. Do not abuse drawings! If you blouse in a pea or a skirt in a cage, the rest should be better monophonic and calm. If your new jeans print on the leg of your jeans, then everything else should be modest, almost in a puritanical way. You can, however, combine the cage and peas, assimetry and geometry, only carefully choosing the fabric and style. Simple cut and the same texture to smooth the variegation of your color motif.

One day Ting Nun said: "Drawing a branch, you need to hear the wind whistling." And then I thought. After all, he's right. Dressing this or that clothes, it is necessary to listen to itself, instead of blindly to follow a fashion to make impression on associates. After all, often the impression is not what you would like. Self-confidence and shine in the eyes - that's what affects others. Clothing should emphasize individuality. And want a little trick? Sometimes this or that collection is perceived by us in a completely different way, rather than the person who created it. To understand what exactly your favorite designer wanted to say, read the interview with him, find out his thoughts and moods. And then everything will immediately fall into place. Be fashionable, but in moderation. Better just beautiful. And may this beauty bring you pleasure and joy.

Elena DZHETPYSPAEVA shpilka.ru

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