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Beauty full of women

I met a school classmate in a store. I recognized her in the same smooth posture and unique grace. The first thing you pay attention to when you look at such a woman is not clothes, hair or a good make-up, but the whole image as a whole. Only the first fifteen minutes of communication, I examined in detail, from which the image of a charming lush blonde was created. And even envied that I'm not such a "pampushka" - she does not have the charm. "This is a woman!" - would say, looking at her, any man.

Always wondered how such full ladies achieve this effect? My friend showed me some secrets of charm.

Find your style

"How terrible it is sometimes to see girls dressed inAll the "fashion" that is in the store, "- began her story girlfriend. The problem is clear: incorrectly selected dresses, stockings, jewelry and hairstyles exist separately, as if by themselves, making even the most beautiful girl ridiculous.
"The main thing is not fashionable chips, but your style," -Continued her friend. "Finding your own style means not following the canons of fashion, but rather with the inner feeling of your image, listening to intuition." At full really its own style, at times, favorably different from the style of thin.

Frankly, before meeting with my full friend, I sympathized with the "pyshki" - what can they wear, except for these dimensionless things of one cut, which on some sit like pillowcases on pillows?

My friend has several images. She easily wears both sporting clothes and elegant feminine clothes. Complete as well as thin, it is necessary to be able to emphasize advantages and correctly hide shortcomings. If you have a beautiful decollete zone, luxurious shoulders, good skin, then hiding this wealth under clothing is tantamount to a crime. It's also good to complement the image with jewelry and scarves. Just do not overdo it, do not try to hug yourself all in a row - it will add to your figure an extra mass.

A full woman can also be different. My girlfriend, for example, looks very elegant in a layered evening dress - this cut makes her lush figure more refined. At work she puts on a strict trouser suit with an elongated jacket (the trousers are strictly cut on the full women look very advantageous!). And on a walk with the children she is happy to wear shortened sports pants and a jacket - this makes her figure more light and mobile. In a word, in vain I thought that the lot of people of large sizes - baggy, shapeless things. Looking at a friend, I see how successfully she picks up clothes, not limiting herself in anything!

Stroke stereotypes

Someone said that white and tight fit,And a short full of young ladies in general is contraindicated. By no means! Modern fashion works wonders, a rush of established stereotypes. White color refreshes the image and visually reduces age. And in skirts just above the knee, full ladies look taller. No wonder my friend prefers this length. "If I have slender legs, why hide them under maxi?" - she says.
Full women can also wear brightElongated blouses. Wearing them is better than running out - so you will look slimmer. You can also wear a light dress with a colored belt and jewelry. Varied image will help all the same scarves and bags.

Still not worth it

Despite the fact that today you can successfullyPick up clothes for almost any figure, there are some taboos for people with excess weight, which is preferable not to violate. The horizontal strip, the frill, the frills, the collars under the throat (this will make the neck shorter), weighty and rounded the lush figure, tight clothing (for example, knitted trousers), large flowers on blouses, multi-layered skirts made of thick fabrics.

Feel like queen

Clothing, hair, accessories, make-up is everything,Of course, important. But even more important is how you wear it all. Feel beautiful and unique - that's what matters most. Full women with well-groomed skin, hair, beautiful gait and straight posture are more visible and majestic. "The important thing is how you feel. This in no case can not be forgotten, "- summed up the story of a friend.

There is such an opinion: Some men prefer full, and all the rest ... even more complete! The modern beauty industry constantly refutes this idea, dictating to us fashion for lean beauties. But taste taste, and everyone has it, despite the fashion trends. Stay true to your style, even if you wear a size from the 50th or higher. And remember: the best fashion designer is you!


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