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Victim of fashion

A woman in high heels looks elegant,But at the same time exposes its foot to heavy loads. And why did you come up with this, tell me? And women's heels appeared even at the court of Louis XIV. The legendary Marquise of Pompadour was of short stature, so she put on heels. She was taller, and her gait was more elegant. Fashion for women's shoes with a heel, perhaps, will not ever pass. Only its shape and height change.

But for modern women there is comfort: Last year in the US and the UK, women's shoes with a heel appeared, the height of which can be adjusted. Thanks to a steel rod, a 2.5-centimeter heel of such shoes can be turned into an elegant 8-centimeter hairpin in one motion. This heel - transformer was invented by Dr. David Handel from New York 20 years ago. Implemented the idea of ​​the inventor helped his sister, Lauren Handel. These shoes are already sold in the US and the UK for about $ 300 per pair. According to the developers, a heel with adjustable height will help women who lead an active lifestyle, feel comfortable during the working day, but at the same time look elegant when necessary. "Hip-Hip Hurray" inventors!

№2: Victim of model appearance
How pleasant to a woman, when others are sincereAdmire her figure! Aspen waist, slender legs, high chest, tender skin .... Ladies want to match the "ideal", that's just not always it ends well. In the struggle for beauty, not everyone wins, and sometimes as a result of this struggle with destiny, even dies. Daily stress, stress, bad ecology, severe diets .... All this can turn a healthy one into a seriously ill or even drive into a grave.

So, in the autumn of last year life was cut short21-year-old Brazilian mannequin Ana Carolina Reston. The model, running on the catwalks from Tokyo to Mexico City and beloved by Giorgio Armani, with an increase of 174 cm weighed only 40 kg and ate only apples and tomatoes. Not surprisingly, her body just did not have enough strength to withstand the rabid rhythm of work.

# 3: Victim of one's own vanity
Often people are willing to spend almost all theirSalary to buy the thing of a famous designer, and in every way demonstrate to others that they are owners of this thing, while experiencing pride. And vice versa, people buy this thing in an inexpensive store, people try to hide it. Doctor of Psychology Lebedev-Lyubimov AN Describes an interesting situation, which he watched during the pre-Christmas sales in Paris. Parisians coming out of the store "Tati" (there at this time you can buy at a great discount, useful and fairly high-quality goods), shifted the purchased goods to another package, and branded packaging packages of the chain of stores "Tati" thrown into garbage cans. The fact is, the expert believes that it is embarrassing for a native Frenchman to make a purchase in Tati. And discarded packages are a good example of how, under certain conditions, emotions of shame and pride control the behavior of buyers.

№4: Victim of love for luxury
A woman loves diamonds and furs, men believe. However, they are right.

Fur has its own fashion. So, for example, a fur coat of Soviet time should be sound, that is thick and heavy. This was considered, for example, a caracul or wolf coat on a lining. The share of fur details usually was 60 - 70 percent, and the rest was for a lining, a heater, etc. Add to this the weight of a bag with documents or products - this is the whole chain mail obtained!

Today you can choose fur of any weight, densityAnd colors: mink, chinchilla, fur seal, sable, fox, deer, raccoon dog, fox, beaver, marten, rabbit, goat, marmot, ermine, nutria. But only to wear fur it is fashionable, then on the contrary: today many well-known personalities are protesting against wearing natural fur products, urging to protect animals and save them from violent death. For example, Pink, known for her quivering attitude towards our lesser brothers, was not too lazy and wrote a letter to the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, Anne Wintour, with a request to stop popularizing furs in the pages of her world-famous publication. She also appealed to the British queen to help change the age-old tradition relating to the traditional uniform of the royal guard. According to the singer, to look like a "real Briton," you do not have to wear a headdress made from natural bear fur - you can and should use artificial fur to make the shakos that decorate the heads of the Guards.

№5: Victim of an expressive look
Swing your eyelashes ... and everyone fell. The dream of every woman. Fortunately, modern cosmetics allows you to lengthen your eyelashes, make them saturated in color and fluffy. But there is a danger: an allergy. Despite the opinion, which says that to become a victim of allergies, including cosmetics, only people with sensitive skin can, in fact, no one is immune from this ailment. Of course, such a problem always existed. But recently, as the development and introduction of new active elements into everyday life, along with the effectiveness of cosmetics, the likelihood of unwanted skin reactions to it has increased. The occurrence of allergies can result either in the use of substandard cosmetics, or in the individual intolerance of a particular component of the product. I made up my eyes, came to the party - and instead of an expressive cat's-eye, swollen red eyelids and tears in three streams. Men, you do not understand this!

And now a little bit of math. How many minutes a day do we spend to make up our eyes and take off our makeup? On average, 15 minutes. Count: 15 minutes * 365 days a year (let's take liberties, and suppose that every day of the year we do make-up) = 5 475 minutes! It's almost four days! A heroic sacrifice. Men, and you do not understand this!

№6: The victim of a charming smile
Today, going to the dentist is ordinary, notStressful, as before, procedure. In addition, patients of dental clinics are getting more and more confidence that a tooth seal delivered once will last for years. So, you do not have to run to the doctor all the time. Modern materials are so reliable and durable that they can permanently get rid of the need to visit the doctor's office: you just have to choose a seal for your taste and purse. In addition to dental health, modern women pay much attention to the whiteness of a smile. The procedure of teeth whitening is becoming more and more in demand. However, the fear of the dentist's office has not yet finally been left in the past.

№7: Victim of beautiful legs
Smooth skin of the legs .... Elegant bikini area .... Ah, and this is by no means easy. Electrolysis, photo and laser hair removal are done in the salons, and cost money. Well, if you do hair removal at home, it's also painful. But, repeating the phrase that has already become a catchphrase from the famous film "Office Romance", "you are a woman - be patient", you want to smile. And not so it is a pity money for an epilation and already it seems, what is it at all it is not sick.

No. 8: Sacrifice of one's own name
Every woman thought about the meaning of her name at least once in her life. Why did her parents give her that name?

Often parents call their children "in fashion," and it happens that a child becomes a victim of the originality of their parents.

Unusual names have been given to people from ancient times. Odiousness this tradition has reached after the Great October Revolution, when the names "synthesized" from various communist slogans and concepts. Now not everyone knows that parents have called their children seriously seriously by the name of Lenar (from the "Lenin Army"), Ivstal ("Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin").

The tendency to originality when choosing a name is notDied today. In Nizhny Tagil, parents named their daughter, who was born on Independence Day, short and clear - Russia. And another man named his daughter, who was born on the day of the Militia, just - the Militia.

Someone will be able to appreciate the sense of humor of parents and will be happy to have a similar name, and someone can not handle it with such a load.

# 9: Gossip victim
Every woman ever became an objectGossip. In the lower grades of the school, they talked about you when you fought with a classmate, in high school - when you walked by the hand with the most beautiful boy of the parallel. At the institute, when I married first. And now, when you read this article, someone, perhaps, discusses your hairstyle or dress, which you saw at yesterday's party. Because it's interesting, gossiping, simple, nice, fashionable. Do you consider yourself a victim of gossip? Perhaps you are her, although in fact, it all depends on your beliefs. Until you start thinking about it, remember one example you know. The singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, because of a very noticeable and largely voluminous fifth point, received the nickname "Ass". At first this attitude of spectators somewhat frightened the girl, but later Jennifer turned gossip into her ally and, on the contrary, tried in every possible way to draw attention to this part of the body. Lopez managed to achieve that her figure was considered to be exemplary for many men and women, despite the fact that it is somewhat larger in volume than modern model standards. Jennifer was named magazine "People" for 1997 among the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

# 10: Technology Victim
Today it's fashionable to be mobile: Have time to do a hundred things, visit a thousand places, have a million acquaintances. We barely have time to read the incoming mail, not to mention to answer each letter. We rarer and less often call our grandmothers, we walk, sing songs to the guitar. But we have cell phones, video recorders, dvd players, cd-changers, i-pods, handheld computers ... and you will not enumerate everything. But this is not enough for us either. We do not have enough time to even read the instructions to our own microwave. But why do you want a new phone with rhinestones?

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