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Spring dresses 2008

2. Hanging arms

Do not worry, you do not need to hold on sedately to distract attention from flabby arms. The secret is in giving sexy sleeves a flashlight, like on this silver brocade dress from Donna Morgan.

3. Miniature figure

Do not hesitate to wear the most fashionable styles, like,For example, this knitted dress-shirt Gap. Such a collar in Empire style lengthens the silhouette. Avoid too "pretty" style in clothes (for example, sleeves with puffs), so as not to look a little childish.

4. Large size

If your figure is round, it does not mean at all,That you can not afford to wear a pretty dress. Dress JS Boutique, trimmed with sequins, will entice part of your body, and other parts will hide under the folds of jersey.

5. Ugly legs

Do not want to show your legs? You can look just as attractive in a dress, without hiding your legs under your trousers. Try wearing a longer dress (up to the middle of the shank or longer). This dress with an overstated waist from Soft Surroundings well covers the figure, while making it attractive due to the rich use of prints.

6. Wide shoulders

If you have broad shoulders, do not hideUpper body. Instead, pay attention to the details that balance the figure at the bottom of the silhouette, for example, contrasting wide edging. The soft, rounded line of the gate distracts attention from the broad shoulders. Avoid sleeves-lanterns and voluminous tops in combination with a tight-fitting figure bottom, they can enhance the impression of the width of the shoulders.

7. Wide waist

Hide a wide waist can be raised, understating orErasing its line. This wonderful Single Dress dress combines an overstated waistline and a deep V-neck, which together distracts attention from the wide waist. A free-flowing dress-sarafan that reaches the middle of the thigh, or non-fitted dress-shirts is another alternative to hide the wide waist.

8. Large breasts

A large bust can be balanced by such a lineA cut that makes the chest visually flatter: it is a V-shaped or low triangular cutout. In this dress from Anne Klein with a flowing wide skirt figure with a large bust looks more proportional. Make a choice in favor of sliding fabrics, but not adhering to the body and not too dense. Also, avoid fanciful collars, richly decorated corsets and dresses with a fork.

9. Small breasts

Most of the clothes are sitting better on women withA small bust. But if you still want to add volume to the top of the silhouette, choose a dress with a trim at the top or with a lush top, for example, as in this dress from Nicole Miller with a convex corset.

10. Too thin figure

If your figure does not have enough roundness, addFemininity with a light color and a relief silhouette of a dress, such as this from Mary L Couture. Also, you can add more volume with additional parts, such as wide sleeves or ruffles at the waist.

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